First Lawn Treatment

THURSDAY A wet day again.  Which was good since Wayne’s did the first pre-emergent weed treatment for our lawn yesterday, spring must be close.  We stayed home in the morning […]

Soccer Season

MONDAY Today is the opening game for Harrisons High School Soccer season.  I am scheduled to run the scoreboard.  We will not know until noon if the field is dry […]


THURSDAY It was cool this morning but nice and sunny with a promise of getting into the 50s today.  So once Bonnie got up we loaded up and headed out. […]

Pest Control

MONDAY I was up and just finished my breakfast and coffee when the doorbell rang.  It was Waynes our Pest Control company.  The check, clean, and spray around all the […]

Another Cold Snap

THURSDAY Well I have gotten behind on the blog, not sure where the day went.  I know we did not go anywhere and pretty much just puttered around the house. […]

Come on Spring

MONDAY Bonnie was up early this morning and headed over to the kids house to watch Reagan who was home sick.  Robby and Ashley both had 12 hour days today. […]

A little bit of Tech Work

THURSDAY I have been wanting to move all the modems and WiFi equipment in the den over to the other corner in the room.  So I did a little Googling […]


MONDAY Today went by quickly and I really did not do much.  I did a minor repair on the file cabinet and that was about it.  I looked up a […]

Promised Warmth

THURSDAY The morning started out at 7º much lower than forecast.  We did reach 35º today and tomorrow is to be warmer.  The only thing of note today was our […]

Oh No More Snow

MONDAY So they have been talking snow here again for tomorrow.  They started yesterday.  By 5pm today the school cancellations started and the businesses and activities quickly followed.  This time […]