MONDAY I don’t think I even left the coach today.  Dana and Elizabeth are traveling back from Jamaica today and we will all be reunited again.  They had a couple […]

Working with Joe

THURSDAY Joe was back right at 9 again this morning and I had the house unlocked for him.  Todays project was to get the tub level and set it in […]

Decompress and have fun

MONDAY Today we did nothing outside the coach.  We tried to decompress a little.  Bonnie is a little under the weather but I think towards the end of the day […]

Countdown to Wedding

THURSDAY Today is the anniversary of my Dad’s dying 24 years ago.  Still miss having him to talk to. The day started off with a phone call and pretty nice […]

Last Week

MONDAY Well we are in the last week before the wedding.  So things are tending to ratchet up here as time is getting short to get things done.  That said […]


THURSDAY Got this on SnapChat from the back seat shortly after we left for Bradford, PA this morning.  Kaylee had to be at her school, the University of Pittsburgh at […]

Cooler weather

MONDAY After yesterdays humidity and heat it was very pleasant and cooler today.  I stayed home and Bonnie went to Elizabeths to do our laundry.  When she got home we […]


THURSDAY Now thats a word you do not here often in Western NY but we had one today.  The day started off very nice looking.  That ended just after noon […]

Starting out Dry

MONDAY We had a birthday girl in the house today Happy Birthday Alyssa.  And it did not rain here all day.  Jessie replaced the oil pan on Kaylee’s car today […]

Noahs Ark

THURSDAY We were expecting to see Noah’s Ark float by today.  Some local areas reported over 3 inches of rain today in 90 minutes. Pictures like this were all over […]