Nearing the End

Monday It was cool overnight down into the 40s but the sun quickly warmed up the coach.  We had the door and some windows open by noon. Our daughter and […]

South of the Border

Thursday Hard to believe that it is Christmas Eve.  The temperature everywhere is way above normal.  This morning we were off to Nueva Progreso a Mexican Border town.  Here is […]

Parrots - - Not

Thursday Alexus was up before either of us this morning.  Maybe it is because she slept so much yesterday. No she actually got up so she could go and volunteer […]


Monday Nice and cool last night and I did not snore much so we both slept better. So my GD Alexus is on Christmas break from college and she has […]

Hot Weather and Wind

Thursday So last night I was really suffering with these allergies.  The Flonase seems to be helping but Bonnie said I snored with every breath and she went out and […]

Settling In

Monday Today is the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, I hope you took a moment to remember those that lost their lives that day.  Being a Navy […]

We Made it to Mission, TX

Thursday The alarm went off at 0600 very early for us.  The traffic noise was constant last night so it acted like white noise and did not keep either of […]

The Big Easy

Monday The alarm woke us at 0700 this morning, travel day.  We got the coach ready and hooked up the toad.  We were ready to pull out before 0900.  In […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday Happy Thanksgiving.  We all have so much to be thankful for in the country.  I am especially thankful this year for family and that we are free to travel […]