We are Back in the Blog Business

Way Back at the end of December I decided to take a break from blogging.  Bonnie’s Mom was sick and our concentration was on what she needed.  Bonnie spent a lot of time with her and I tried to take care of what needed done at home.  Sadly she passed away on May 6th.


Bonnie and her sisters were busy after that going through the apartment and disbursing all her mothers treasures.  Her Dad had moved into a nursing home several weeks earlier as he requires more care now.

By the middle of July we were ready and able to start making plans for our move to become Full Time RVers.  Bonnie contacted an Estate Sale Company and we are now full speed ahead downsizing our earthly possessions.  The sale is scheduled for September 11, 12,13.  The best thing is we have a young family interested in buying our place.  This will be a great property for their kids to grow up on.

So in a nutshell that is what we have been up to the first half of 2015.  We did get up to Golden Hill SP for a few days with friends and picked more cherries this year.  That is the only camping we have fit in this year.  Of course we have been working on the coach.  IMG_3093We replaced the slide toppers and changed oil in the generator, but thats about it.  I think it is in good shape to move into.

Right now I am not sure exactly how often I will post but I will try to follow the same format I did before, writing a little everyday and posting twice a week.

We just ran up to the top of the hill to see if we could see some of the Perseid Meteor Shower.  We each saw a couple put I think we came home before the peak.

I have moved the blog to WordPress and we now have our own url.  So you will find the blog at   ohow.us

So keep a watch and Thanks For Checking In!


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  1. Good to have you back, Really missed your weekly blog

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