Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork


Beautiful morning, nothing but sunshine.  However I am stuck in the house looking at paperwork.  Another day of sorting through records, lots of records.

My Record Review Area
My Record Review Area

I check all the papers and then shred the ones that have personal information.  The shredder is getting quite a workout as the overheat sensor shuts it down every so often.  Then I have to wait 15 or so minutes.  That gives me time to scan papers and empty the discarded and shredded paper.

Bonnie made ribs and corn on the cob for supper and we ate early as I needed to head to church around 5 for Worship Team Practice.  I still help in the audio/visual booth and usually either run the lights or the ProPresenter program on the computer.  Practice went well and I was home before 10PM.


More of the same today, going through and shredding paperwork.  The shredder is making noises it has never made before, I may be wearing it out.  I am wondering why I saved copies of all the utility bills since they are all available on line now.  Note to self, STOP.  It is really warming up today and we will probably have thunderstorms later.  The sun has not been out at all today.

I have received a lot of encouraging comments via email, Thank You all very much.

Finished all the old records and shredding on those.  Now tomorrow I can start on the file cabinets.


Went to sleep last night listening to thunder and seeing the lightning flash through my eyelids.  I guess it rained a lot in the area as there were flooding reports on the news this morning.  The heavy rain did wake me this morning which caused me to rollover for a couple more hours of sleep.  Now the sun is out and it is heating up.

Reviewed all the tax information today for the last few years and scanned all the supporting documentation.  Also shredded the last of the old records we had been storing.  Next will be the filing cabinets.  It did get a bit humid today but not all that bad as there was a breeze most of the day.  Bonnie made us root beer floats after dinner and they were very good.  Now to relax a bit and then a good nights sleep.


Set the alarm for the the first time this week.  I was up at 7:30am and started getting ready to head to church.  Looks like another nice but hot humid day, so we closed all the windows this morning.  One nice thing is it is supposed to cool off at night even though it is hot during the day.

IMG_3105On the way home we stopped at a vegetable stand near church.  Bonnie picked up some tomatoes and local watermelon.  I love local vine ripened tomatoes, the ones we get all winter are tasteless.  Bonnie checked our small garden when she got home and picked a nice cucumber.

I fired up the grill and got ready to cook some bratwurst.  When I went out no fire.  Luckily I had another tank and I put that on and we were back in business.

We had a nice lunch with the Brats, potato salad, cucumbers and tomatoes, with jello for dessert.IMG_3106

Looks like we will put the NASCAR race on and nap the rest of the afternoon.

Well thats exactly what we did.  I got at least three naps in and Bonnie laid down for a while in the bed.  Matt Kenseth won, another win for Joe Gibbs Racing.

Well its been a busy week and I know the next month will be even busier, but I think that we are up for it.  Its interesting learning how this WordPress blog works and I hope to add more to it as I get time.

Thanks For Checking In!


  1. Bob, wouldn’t a nice fire in the evening “shred” without overheating? 😃

    1. I have tried to burn some but the pages just pack together and it takes a lot of stirring to get them all to burn. The shredder does a good job and I am just about done.

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