Car Care Time


The CR-V was do for an oil change and what Honda Calls a B1 service.  I had made an appointment last week and today was the day to take it in.  I have learned to either go in early in the morning or after the lunch break.  So today it was a 12:30 appointment.  Then took me right in and I also asked them to change the transmission fluid and brake fluid.  We tow this car and that means the fluids get changed twice as often.  They also serviced the brakes.  No repairs were necessary so we should be all set to tow through the winter months.

They gave me a loaner car and I headed out for lunch.  Was not sure where I wanted to eat but decided to try Schwabl’s.  It is an old Germain restaurant that has been in business since 1837.  IMG_3107They are known for their Beef on Weck and Homemade German Potato Salad.  The beef was so so I thought it was dry.  The potato salad was good but left me hungry for more.  The pickled beets were great.

After lunch I checked out Casanovia Park and found a nice shade tree to park under and did a little work on my computer.  Boy it was hot.  After 30 minutes I decided to head back to the dealer and enjoy their air conditioned customer lounge.  Before I got out of the park my phone rang, my care was all done and ready to be picked up.  The car was all washed and seems to be ready to go.

Bonnie’s sister was visiting when I got home and a short time later a friend stopped by on his scooter to see me.  We sat out on the porch and chatted for quite a while.  I check the mail and 4pm and still no mail, interesting.

IMG_3111I did get package from Garmin and it was the replacement for my Garmin 2597 GPS that became a Brick when I ran a map update on it a couple weeks ago.  At first they told me it would cost $85 to fix it.  I waited a few days and called back and they offered to replace it.  I thanked the tech and told him that is what I expected when the update broke my GPS.  I was able to install the map update and had no problems so it looks like we are back in business again.

Back to reviewing records and I am more than halfway through the first drawer of my filing cabinets, only 3 to go.  Around 8 it finally cooled off enough to open the windows for the night.  Hopefully it will be a little cooler tomorrow.


Looks like it will be very humid today, not really hot but it is muggy and uncomfortable.  I once again spent the day going through my file cabinets.  I think I finished all the old tax records and scanned in a lot of information I want to keep.  I spent about 4 hours and I am hopeful that one more good day and I will be finished.  Some things are cut and dry but the mementos are a little harder.  Some are going to the kids some are just going.

We were thinking we would get some rain today but so far it has either gone to the East or West as it passed us.  Bonnie did go out to the post office today and mailed some packages to the grandchildren.  The only time I was out was to take 7 or 8 bags of trash (mostly paper) out for pickup in the morning.


Up this morning and I shut all the windows as it is to be 90 today and humid.  Once Bonnie got up I went back to cleaning out the file cabinets.  I am scanning most of the paperwork into Evernote which is a great way to organize records and makes them easier to find when you need them.  Bonnie is busy organizing all her scrapbooking supplies.

The promised high humidity is here.  To beat the heat we are heading into Sears to pick up Bonnies new glasses.


I like them and I think she does too.  We headed over to the nearest Aldi’s to pick up some milk and bread and of course a few other things.  On the way home we had a call from a friend and got some advice for after we sell the house.  Then a quick stop at the vegetable stand to pick up some tomatos.

Once back home I went back to work and while I did not finish I am really close.  I knocked off at 5:00pm.  The sky turned dark and a small but intense rain cloud went over us.

IMG_3118 IMG_3117

I hope you can see how hard it rained from the pictures.  It only lasted about 5 minutes so it was not too bad.  We called these cloudbursts when I was a kid.  It cleared up again but did not cool off much.  We did lose power twice for a short time.  The second time was long enough for the generator to start but the power came on before the generator took the load.

We kept the house closed up all day and it only got up to 79.  Finally after 8pm it got down to 75 outside so we opened the windows but it is still pretty humid and it’s not to cool down much more tonight.  Those of you that use Facebook, do not accept friend requests from someone you know you are already a friend with.  I have gotten two in the last two days.  They are fake accounts looking to get your info and your friend lists.  Let you friend know when you get one and report it to Facebook.  Check the Facebook help on how to do that.

Thats about it for the first part of this week.

Thank’s For Checking In!

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  1. Thanks for the Blog.
    Could not find LIKE button????
    Our GPS was very erratic and confused going to Hidden Valley. Says my maps are out of date and need updated.
    Bonnie new glasses look cool.
    No rain here just high humidity and heat.

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