Big Change in the Weather


After yesterdays heat and humidity the rain and cold front that came through today was a welcome relief.  I keep finding more paper records to look through and spent most of the day going through them.  About the time I figured I was done I found more to go through and just remembered another box.  Today’s were mostly my parents old records and records from their funerals.  I am scanning most things as they are family history.

IMG_3126Elizabeth and Alexus came out as she wanted to pick up a dresser, bike and some mirrors.  Also she wanted the Arch to hang her swings from.  Her friend Dana came with his trailer and they loaded up the stuff and off they went.  IMG_3123Fortunately the rain had all passed us and it was quite nice out.

We have been enjoying almost daily FaceTime calls from our youngest Granddaughter Reagan in Alabama, we also got to talk to Gracie a couple nights ago and get to say hello to Harrison as he passes through the room.  Its a great way to stay connected and we hope to use it more and more.

I started to do some more reading and research on mail forwarding services and which state to make our domicile in.  The three leading states are Florida, South Dakota, and Texas.  They all have no income tax and seem to be friendly to full time RVers.  I hope to call some of them tomorrow.  Well its midnight so I better call it a night.


Woke up to a beautiful sunny cool morning.  Back to shredding today.  I also noticed that our sale is listed on the site.  Our sale is September 11,12,13.

I watched a little TV this morning and then once Bonnie got up went back in and went through some more records.  IMG_3127I once again thought I was almost done.  But then Bonnie started going through her stuff and started bringing in more stuff that needed shredded.  Well we were pretty much wrapped up by the end of the day.

Today Alexus our oldest grand daughter moved in to her dorm room at Medaille College to start her freshman year.  She hopes to be a Vet someday.  She has a long road ahead but we know she can do it.  She is going to run cross country so got to move in early, her first practice is tomorrow.

Bonnie and I decided to go over to Attica for dinner.  The Prospector restaurant has moved after many years and we wanted to try the new location.  I had the fish fry and it was very good, I could not even finish all my fries.  Bonnie had the chicken/broccoli alfredo and says it was very good.  A quick stop at Tops for some groceries and we headed back home.

On the way through the basement I looked in an old file cabinet.  Oh no more records at least another days worth, will it ever end.  Time to call it a day.


Looks like it is going to be a beautiful day cool and clear this morning.  Lots to do today so I got started by going through the file cabinet I remembered in the basement.  I worked on that until lunch time.

After lunch I headed out and jumped on the John Deere Lawn Tractor and cut all the grass front and back.  I had planned to cut just some of it but then figured I would just stay on the tractor and keep cutting.  We also started the generator on the Coach and opened up the slides.  Bonnie worked on storing her stuff.

I did a few more records after I finished the grass, still not finished but much closer I did find a few pictures that brought back some memories.  These pictures are from St Croix in the Virgin Islands.  I was on the Crisis Response Team then and Steve and I were sent down to there a day or two after Hurricane Hugo devastated the island.  We flew down on an Air  Force C-141 and were there 20 some days.  Up a pole in St CroixWe helped the San Juan office set up emergency communications on what ever was still standing.  Steve and I took a break for some MREs that the army supplied.  Steve and I St CroixAfter we got the communications established we supported the investigation into all the looting that took place on the island, we were all deputized as Special US Marshals so we could enforce the local laws.  We hitched a ride back to Charleston on a Coast Guard C-130 and then the next morning into Andrews Air Force Base on another C141.  Fun times.

I did get a bit of a nap before supper.  Bonnie heated up some spaghetti and it sure was good.  Then we watched Joey Logano win the Bristol NASCAR race.  We have made the decision to become South Dakota residents.  They are friendly to RVers.  First step is to get an address out there and I worked on that paper work during the race.  I am thinking we will make a quick trip out there before the snow flies, stay tuned.

Nice and cool out so it should be a good sleeping night.


Another beautiful morning.  We are up and getting ready to head to church, today we are outside under the tent.

1 - 1It was great to have the Pastor back and also to hear from each of the people that went to India with him.  The Worship music was very inspiring today and was let by the Youth Worship Team.  Then are very good and did a great job.  The weather was perfect and the reports from all that went were very moving.  The were all overwhelmed by all they saw, heard, and smelled.  Nothing like it here at home.  What seemed to impact them the most was how people that have almost nothing are so generous with the little that they have.

Once we got home I went through what I hope is the last drawer of records.  I may find some more but I sure hope that I don’t.  I did scan in some more paperwork and then tried to relax the rest of the day.

Well thats about it for this week.  The weather has been more fall like but we will take it, I like it cool and dry.  Hope you all have a great week.

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  1. I was hoping for Florida. That way, maybe you would be down here sometime when we are here and we would get to visit with you. You also would be closer to your Bama grands.

    Anyhow, don’t forget your open invitation to visit. Just let us know when you will be here. Now that you are both retired and full time RV’ers maybe it will actually happen. I’m anxious to hear how that works out.

    1. We will be visiting Florida some. We did not plan ahead this year so the more popular campgrounds will up early. But we still hope to get down there to visit you.

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