Starting to Feel like fall is in the air


I was up very late last night so slept in a little this morning.  Then I caught up on a couple TV shows while I had my breakfast and coffee.  We only have about a week left before the house gets staged for the estate sale so we have a lot to do and think about.  Nice and cool today and feels a lot like a fall day.  I then spent an hour or so updating my email address in my online accounts.

1 - 1 (1)Around noon I took the time to count out my medicine and vitamins for the next month.  Then I reviewed all the documents I had filled out last night to get our South Dakota address.  I made a couple calls to Americas Mailbox with some questions about the process and finally around 2pm I emailed our paperwork.  Just after 3pm we had our new address in South Dakota.  While we have the address it is not official until they get the original paperwork.  Since our Varysburg PO closes at 3 I headed to Attica to mail the originals.  So the first step is done.

I stopped in at the logging company to see what was going on.  The owners were all on vacation and a new person was working in the office.  Plus they rearranged the office and it looks really good.  Next stop was some friends to see their camper and I got to meet there dog.  We had a nice visit.  The kids were all playing outside and I enjoyed watching them and watching the dog chase her golf ball which she destroyed in short order.

Back home and I made a call to check on registering our vehicles in SD and worked on that paperwork a little.  Then I grilled some sausage outside and Bonnie cooked some corn-on-the-cob.  Going to try to relax now the rest of the night.


Down in the 50s over night and it was 58 when I first checked this morning, made for a great nights sleep.  I had plans to clean out some drawers today but that did not happen.  I started working on changing email addresses on my accounts since my main email will be changing once we move.  If you don’t have it you can message me and I will get it to you, most of you should have it by now.

IMG_3136I did take a break for a little lunch and then took out the bags of shredded records that were out in the garage.  I doubled up on most of the bags so we would be under the count of what we are allowed.  It did make for a couple of the bags being extra heavy.

Then I worked on changing our mailing address for the magazines we get in the mail.  I thought it would go quick but it took much longer to locate where to do it and then make sure it actually changed.  I worked on the computer most of the day and feel like I have hardly put a dent in the list of accounts I have online.

We grilled pork on the grill and Bonnie cooked more corn-on-the-cob, its so sweet now, almost like eating candy.  Then I took out the rest of the trash for pickup in the morning.

We settled in for the evening and had a nice Face Time chat with a friend of ours and caught up on all his news and shared ours.  Now I think I will call it a night.


I heard it raining some during the night and the driveway was wet this morning.  But the sun was in and out the rest of the day and it turned out to be a pretty nice day.  I needed to run some errands so left the house before 11.

First stop was in East Aurora at the bank.  I needed to cash in some bonds and get some money orders.  I started signing the bonds when I noticed over half of them only had Bonnies name on them so I ended up only being able to cash in 4 of the bonds.  They were only $25 bonds but they were from the 1970’s and most were no longer earning interest, so time to cash them in.  I also picked up the money orders I need to send to South Dakota to register the vehicles.

Next stop was the Galleria Mall.  I had a 12:50pm appointment to have my iPhone Camera looked at.  I was very early as things had gone well at the bank.  So I relaxed out in the mall and just people watched for about 40 minutes.  Then back into the Apple Store.  They were pretty much on schedule and I moved up to the table with some techs.  The first thing they explained to me was that the camera was not a recall but if it was not working properly they would replace it.  So they took several pictures and showed me and it appears that my camera is still working as designed.  IMG_3141So they made a note that it had been checked and that it will be covered for another 3 years should it break.  They also showed me a phone with the bad cameras and its pretty obvious as the pictures are completely out of focus.

So I headed back home.  Bonnie was still out in the yard doing a little mulching around the trees.  IMG_3147I changed shoes and got the tractor out to turn over the mulch pile and loosen it up.  Next on the list was to fill out the paperwork to register the vehicles and then go up to see the Town Clerk.  Several of the papers needed to be notarized.

The Town Hall is being renovated and so the Clerk, Supervisor, Court, Judges and bookkeeper are all working out of one of the truck bays in the garage.  It was quite interesting to see their set up.  Not really ideal conditions but they are still getting the job done.


IMG_3142The floor and painting still needs to be done in the building and they also need to build some walls and wire for the computers.  Right now the computer network is quite interesting but it is working.IMG_3145

One last thing to do today.  I needed to visit the gun store to sell my last gun.  New York requires a background check to sell any gun so we were taking care of that.   Wow its been a busy day and I sure am glad that we got a lot done today.

Time to call it a day and get this posted.  Thanks For Checking In!