A Lunch, A Caucus and A Picnic


Another nice cool night provided a great nights sleep.  We left the house around 11:00am.  I needed to mail our package of paperwork to get our vehicles registered in South Dakota.  I was able to do this from the FedEx inside Office Max in Batavia.  Americas Mailbox suggested not using the USPS and I agreed with them after I had a package to Canada get routed through Israel.  So it should be delivered on Tuesday.

After that we met our Camping Buddies the Rindo’s at Miss Batavia for a long lunch and to catch up on what we both have been up to.  We always have a great time with them and enjoy both camping and having lunch with them.


This evening we are planning to attend the Republican Caucus for the Town Of Sheldon.  Last time I was there I was nominated for my second term as Town Justice, there will be none of that tonight.  I am looking forward to going and seeing everyone.

We had a good time at the Caucus and had a lot of encouragement for our going full time in the motorhome.  All the candidates were nominated and lots of paperwork was completed to be filed with the board of elections.


Another cool night great nights sleep.  I had a quick breakfast and then headed to University eye for my annual check up.  Dr Rose my normal Dr is taking some time off so I saw Dr Shaw and she did a complete exam including dilation.  So I am inside out of the sun.  I did run in to a couple I knew in the waiting room so we had a short chat until they called me in.  My eye Rx did not change but a tweet so no new glasses needed.  I do have the start of cataracts which take the crispness off letters when I read them, tough getting old.  She said its way to early to do anything about it, maybe in 5 years.  She said its a 10 minute procedure to replace the lens and 3 weeks to heal.

On the way home with two pair of sun glasses on I visited Dream Lake.  Its a small campground not to far from the house.  I am thinking we will spend a few days there during the Estate Sale.  It is mostly seasonal setups but it looked really nice and neat and well kept.

Got home and had a 1/2 cantaloupe with some cottage cheese for lunch.  Bonnie went outside to do some more munching.  I am changing addresses and organizing computer cables and stuff in the bedroom/office.


Well I found more papers to go through in the bedroom.  The poor shredding is starting to come apart.  Some of the plastic parts inside where it shreds the paper have broken and now the paper gets jammed every now and then.  But it got the job done.  Then I started getting all my computer cables and thumb drives etc organized in one place.  I also did some dusting as I moved different pieces of equipment.  Then I found a bunch of pictures so I scanned them in.  I finally knocked off before the news and we watched that.  Bonnies sister stopped in to pick up some flags Bonnie had made to sell at the farmers market. We took it easy the rest of the night.


Saturday morning a time to sleep in but I am up a bit early for me and doing my reading so I am ready to go out and work on the tractor when Darren gets here to give me a hand.  Just going to replace a spring or two on the brakes.  It’s a beautiful morning and is supposed to get into the 80s today.

IMG_3151Darren was right on time and we put the tractor up on ramps and he jumped right under it and checked out the springs.  What was happening is the brakes were not completely releasing.  I noticed last winter on the snow and ice when the wheels would slide after I used the left brake.  Of course I turned to Google and it turns out its a common problem.  The steel shaft of the brake goes through an aluminum case and then binds up from oxidation.  I have soaked it several times with PB Blaster and that has freed it up.  But it still was not completely releasing.  So I ordered new springs.  Darren noticed right off that the old springs did not have the tension of the new ones.  Sure enough the new springs did the trick.  A easy and pretty cheap fix, Thanks for the Help Darren.  He headed home and I spent a couple hours sweeping up and cleaning windows.

I have a small refrigerator in the garage and it came from my niece Jennifer, she used it in college.  Now it is going to a new college and Alexus will use it in her dorm room.  So I unplugged it and set it outside to defrost and de-ice.  My small weber grill is going to Elizabeth so I cleaned it and put it in the car to take to church tomorrow then she can take it home.

Shortly after I came into the house Bonnie headed out to go to Frontier Days at the Audubon Society’s Beaver Meadows.  Her sister was participating so she wanted to go see her.  Shortly after she left, Doug and Christa pulled in on his new Harley for a visit.  We sat out on the porch and visited for quite a while and I think we got all caught up.  They headed home and I fired up the grill to do a couple small turkey breasts, before I cleaned it.

I watched some of the Little League World Series, some of the PGA Golf , and a little bit of the Bills game.  Nice to see them win.  Bonnie came home and we had a little supper.  I continued to research auto and health insurance and glanced at TV once in a while.  I am ready for a good nights sleep.  Just checked and my son and family are almost home, they were near Mobile for their sons soccer games this morning.  Alexus had a scare on her computer and all is now good so I can sleep easy.


It was looking pretty cloudy this morning when I got up and looked like we might get some rain for our Church picnic today.  By the time we left for church a brief shower had ended.  We loaded up the refrigerator  it had finally defrosted over night.


We were on time for church and the lot looked fuller than normal, thats good.  Pastor Pat spoke and then one of our missionary Pastors from India said a few words.  Then we headed outside for the Church Picnic.  We had a really good turn out and lots of great food.  Ben smoked chicken and it was fantastic.  Lots of activities/games for the kids and adults.

The Bounce House was the biggest hit I think.


Next was the face painting.  Here is Alexus waiting for her turn.


She was able to bring her roommate Chelsea with her and it was nice to get to meet her.  Chelsea also got in on the face painting


There were water ballon tosses and some long distance water balloon shots with a big sling shot.  Then there were frozen t-shirts and a race to see who could get them opened up and on first, good event for a hot day.  There there was the traditional 3-legged race.  Great to see parents and their children compete together.


Even Elizabeth got in on the face painting and we took a selfie


After the picnic we loaded the refrigerator and grill into Elizabeth’s friends car and he helped them carry them into the dorm and apartment.  Then we headed home.  Bonnie napped and I watched Japan beat the Pennsylvania team.  Nothing planned for the rest of the evening so I will get this posted early tonight.

Thank For Checking In.