Return to the House


Hard to believe its already October 1st.  First some good news.  I received an email today that the Tests on our well and septic systems all passed.  I also heard that the appraisal on our house was good.  So now we are waiting on surveys and title searches.  We have a month to go so we should be in good shape.

Today we fly back to New York.  We checked out of the hotel at 11am and then drove around a little but there really was not much to see.  So we headed to the airport.  Turned in the car and then checked in and printed boarding passes.  Bonnie checked out the gift shop but did not find any bargains.  So we headed up to the gate.  We were almost 2 hours early so we grabbed a little bit to eat and sat down to wait for the plan.  Checking on line the plane was on time so thats good news and the weather looks good.

The plane arrived and 15 minutes later it was empty and we boarded.  These regional jets do a quick turn around, we like them.  We just had carry on so no checked bags.

IMG_3425 All settled in and ready to go

IMG_3426We had a nice flight over to Chicago.  When we walked off the plane we walked into chaos.  What a zoo, people everywhere from around the world.  We had to change terminals and so walked for quite a while.  We found the food court and went into it.  We found two seats at a table with a couple from China.  They did not speak english but seemed happy that we sat with them.  Bonnie got her Chinese meal, then I got a corned beef sandwich and fries.

Then we walked down to the gate which also was very crowded.  We had about a 3 hour layover and still almost 2 hours when we got to the gate.  I fired up my computer and did some things on it.  I am working on a place to spend the cold months of January through March.  We are thinking we will go to Texas and the Rio Grand Valley.

The flight to Buffalo was on time and pretty full.  It was a 737-900 and even though it was a bigger plane there is less room in the seat than the regional jets. My row was full and Bonnie had an empty seat next to her.


The woman next to me must have thought she paid for part of my seat because she occupied part of it all the way to Buffalo.  My knees were jammed into the seat in front of me.  Lucky for us the flight was just over an hour.  We landed, grabbed our bags and got our coats out, it was only 44 out.  About 50 minutes later we pulled into our driveway.  The moon was beautiful, big and bright on the way home.

We watched a bit of TV to wind down and now off to bed, or should I say the air mattresses.  We will miss the beds we had at the hotel.


I had planned to sleep in this morning but I was awake and up before 8am.  Boy has it turned cold.  I got up and turned up the heat a little and adjusted the NEST thermometers so tomorrow it will be warm when we get up.  Since Bonnie was still sleeping I put on the wireless earphones and watched a little TV.  The new Mac OS called El Capitan came out yesterday so I upgraded to it on my computer and also updated my phone and apps.  No problems but it did take almost 2 hours.

We took it easy the rest of the day and just caught up on the recorded programs. Along about 5 Darren came over with his Kubota mower and started to cut the grass.  Boy is it windy out, I am betting there will be more firewood down in the woods.


Darren came in for a chat after he finished cutting and we caught up on what was going on.  He left for home just before dark and we watched more TV.


This morning about 7:16am the hospital I was born in was imploded.  Millard Fillmore Hospital at Gates Circle is no more.  Bonnie and my sister were also born there as well as many other relatives.  Not sure what they have planned for the site.

This morning we have a memorial service to attend for a member of our church who was also a friend of Bonnie’s family so we are getting ready to head to that.

The turn out for George’s memorial service was really good.  The service also was very nice.  Following the service there was a luncheon at the American Legion in East Aurora.  We had a nice meal there and a good time with family and friends.  From there Bonnie wanted to pick up some things at Aldi’s so we headed first to the bank and then to Aldi’s.  Finally we headed home and that was pretty much the day since it was almost 4pm.

Its been raining most of the day so it was a good day to relax in the house.


Rained some overnight and the deck was still wet when I got up.  Had my coffee and cereal before I woke Bonnie up.  Then got ready and we headed to church.  Pastor continued his series on Philippians today was the fourth in the series and we are still in Chapter 1.  The sermon today was titled “Your Not Off the Hook Yet”.

After church we went by the farmers market and then into the city to Elizabeth’s.  She made us goulash for lunch and then chili for supper.

IMG_3432We watched a little of the game and then a movie.  I even got a nap during the movie.  It was getting dark so Alexus packed up her things and we loaded up the car for the short trip to Medaille College to drop her off.  Her roommate came down and help carry stuff up to their room.  I parked the car and then headed into the lobby to wait for Alexus to come and get me.


There is only one elevator in the dorm so I knew where to wait.  We went up to the fourth floor and she showed us her room.  It was neater than her room at home so thats good.


She seems to be adapting to college life and is doing well.  We headed home and made it without seeing any deer or other wildlife.  There are quite a few dead skunks along the highway this year, not sure whats up with that.

Thats about it for this week.  Not sure how much of the rain we will get from the hurricane but we are ready.  Still waiting on the survey and title search for our property and then we should be close to being ready to close.

Thanks For Checking In!