Last Month In New York


So we are in our last month in New York.  We are still waiting for our property to get surveyed and the title search to be completed.  Then I think we will be ready to close.  I contacted DISH today about the procedure to close our account and it is more involved than I thought.  We have to sent several pieces of equipment and take the antenna apart.  So we have to figure out the timing for that.

Yesterday I sent an email about a place to stay in Mission, TX and today I talked to the lot owner.  The rentals are for a minimum of 4 months so looks like we will be in Retama Village near Mission, TX starting in December.  We know a couple there that we took the Escapee’s Boot Camp with.  They liked it there so much that they bought a Port House.  We will be staying on what they call a Super RV Lot.  The lot has paved parking and there is a 12X24 Texas Coach house.  It has a sitting area, a full bathroom and is heated and air conditioned.  So it will give us some extra space.

Bonnie did wash today and I scrubbed some of the carpet.  The coach and chair had left some black marks under them.  I was pleased that the marks are pretty much gone.  Otherwise it was a pretty boring day.


This morning the skies were really overcast but it is dry out.  We had our small group study on the calendar for tonight.  However we got an email saying the leader was sick and had to cancel for tonight.  So nothing else on the agenda for today.

I did a lot of online research for the Mission, Texas and Rio Grande Valley.  There seems to be a lot to see and do there.  There are over 300 species of butter flies there and over 500 species of birds.  The national birding center is almost across the street.  We also found the activities calendar for the resort and there are a lot of varied activities to choose from.  We can keep very busy if we choose to.

We caught up on some more recorded TV, then Bonnie worked on her scrapbooking.  I got a power nap and then took out the trash and recyclables.  Then I went over my list of repairs that need done on the coach that should be under warranty and called Elkhart Sales and Service.  We have an appointment for November 5th.  With the warranty company involved we could be there a couple weeks before we head south.


The sun was out when we got up but during the day it has become very overcast.  The sun was out when I went out to get the mail and snapped this picture.


You can see fall has arrived and the trees are rapidly changing colors and giving up their leaves.  I picked up the hair clippers out of the coach on the way back and Bonnie cut my hair later in the day.

This old maple tree behind the garage is always one of the first to change colors.


Bonnie has been busy today baking a dump cake and working hard on her scrapbooking.  I have been working at clearing old files off of my computer.

Nothing else planned for this evening so I will go ahead and post this.

Thanks For Checking In!