Off to the Auction


Another nice day with plenty of sunshine.  We headed over to Java Village late this morning to go the Congregational Churches annual Salad Luncheon.  This is Bonnie’s family church.  Her mother was always a big part of the luncheon.  It was nice to say hello to lots of folks that we know and the many varied salads were also very good.

Once home we did not have much to do so took it easy.  Tomorrow the auction people come to pack up whats left and haul it away.  Also my son and his family are traveling back home from Disney so I have been checking their progress.


First thing I did when I got up this morning was to check my phone and Find Friends, I was happy to see that my son and family had made it home to Harvest, AL. safe and sound.  We had lots of rain overnight and it was still raining when I got up.

About 10:45 three of the auction people showed up and went to work immediately packing up what was left here to carry off to their auction.


IMG_3441It was not long before the shelves in the living room were bare and carried out to the truck.

IMG_3442Just a few personal items left.  Paul the boss came a little later and they loaded up his van before he headed out to look at another job.  Then a little later Mike came and brought another van.  Well it took about 4 hours but the house and the garage are looking pretty bare.  We don’t even have a lamp for in the living room.  But everything is gone.  They will auction it off and we will get part of the profits.  The sewing area is empty.


The truck is almost full and the van is also.  But the basement and house are empty.



Not sure how they fit it all in but they did and its all gone and off to the auction. The rain stopped about the time they got here and was starting a little just as they finished up.

We have about 20 days left here and we will continue to campout in the house and then move into the coach the last few days before we head to Elkhart for some service.  From there we plan to head to Alabama to see family and then off to Mission, TX for the winter months.  Have not figured out what we want to do after that but we will.

It was a long day so now we can relax this evening.  We are so happy the stuff is almost all gone.  Just a few things left to go to family.  We have some cleanup to do but have plenty of time to do that.


Looks like it will be a beautiful day.  I was up at 7:30 and read email and blogs and watched some programs that Bonnie does not like.  Once again not much left to do here.  I am planning on going to see some youth football later.

I got my shower and headed for Attica.  I have been wanting to get to a game to see Kyle and Luke play football.  Today was the last game of the season so I had to make it today.  Darren also told me there was special food today like pulled pork sandwiches.  The boys played a good game but they did end up losing, not sure of the score, but it looked like they had a good time.  We even stayed to watch the 7&8th graders play.  Here they are coming on to the field breaking thru their banner.


Here is a picture of the boys watching the game along the sideline.


As you can see no-one sits on the bench they all stand.  I enjoyed the games and wish I had gotten to more of them.

A quick stop for milk and bread at tops and then I headed home.  Bonnie made hamburgers for supper.  She has been scrap booking all day.  Once she finished up we relaxed and watched some TV.


Up this morning and off to church on a beautiful fall day.  Some of the trees are already in brilliant colors but there are still a lot of green trees.  Church was great again today.  We had a group come from Buffalo to be part of the service.  They were all related and about 18 years ago came to Buffalo from the Eastern part of the Congo.  This was the time when the genocide was taking place there that spilled over from Rwanda.  They each told a part of their story.  There stories were simple but hit hard.  Some had guns put to their heads, and others saw people killed in front of them and they had to step over them to escape.  Today they are starting a church in Buffalo and I believe it is doing quite well.  Our church is helping them get heat in their building and will help replace their roof in the spring.  Their simple stories had a lot of impact.


After church we went to lunch with Elizabeth, Alexus, Dana, and Alyssa in East Aurora.  We had a nice time visiting and the still had to drive down to Bradford to pick up Kaylee.  Once we got home we got to see the end of the Bills game and see them beat the Titans.  Then we saw the last few laps of the NASCAR race in Charlotte, which was won by Joey Logano.

Thats pretty much it for this week so I will get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I can’t imagine living in the house with nothing there, must feel odd for sure. Hope all your goodies do well at auction.

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