Counting Down


If all goes well we are in the final 3 weeks before we close on the house and depart New York.  Todays project is to sweep out the basement.  Its also very nice out so I am hoping to lubricate the exhaust brake in the coach and also cycle the aqua hot and generator.  It keeps the diesel fresh in them and its just good for them to run.  Took this when I first got up this morning just as the sun lit up this tree.


While Bonnie finished watching one of her programs I went out and ran the generator, fired up the aqua hot, and lubed the exhaust brake, so thats done now.  I did run out check the mail, thats when I remembered it was a holiday.  When I came back in Bonnie was sweeping in the basement.


I manned the push broom and we sweep and vacuumed in the basement.  There are a few shelves left that her sister bought so we moved those close to the door and rolled up the carpets that were on the floor.  We finished up around 3pm so now we can take it easy the rest of the day.


We had rain overnight but the sun was out when I got up this morning.  But that was short lived and the rain is back.  Bonnie has a Dr. appointment today and then we have our small group study tonight.  Its also trash day and we have plenty of that to take out.

So we watched some recorded programs and then it was time to load up and head to Amherst.  But first we collected the trash and I took it out to the road in the rain, so got a little wet there.  It rained until we got on the 400 and then it stopped.  By the time we got to Amherst it was sunny.

I read a book on my iPhone using the Kindle app while Bonnie went into the DR.  She was gone about an hour and when she came out we headed to Chili’s for lunch.  I had some $$ left on a gift card.  Here is Bonnie reading over the info she got from the Dr on some new medicine she needs to take.


Bonnie had nachos and I had what they called a Mexican bowl but it came with a bowl of Chicken Tortilla soup that was really good.


Once we finished we had just enough time to make it to a movie.  Bonnie has been wanting to see “The Intern” so we headed over to the AMC Maple 8.  Once we got our tickets and assigned seats we were please to see that the seats were all reclining seats.  And boy were they comfortable (we don’t get out much).  At the house we just have 4 old chairs left and they are not the most comfortable.  So it was a real treat and we really enjoyed the movie.  Not the best picture but here it is.


From the movies we headed to church for our small group study and we were actually 20 minutes early.  We had a good study and when we got home we had a nice surprise waiting for us.


Yep Darren had brought over a nice couch that not only reclines but it rocks also.  Bonnie is so happy.  It will be so much more comfortable than what we have been using.  He even brought some TV tables we can use as end tables.  Right now we have a hamper and upside down plastic tote we are using.  Thanks Darren.


Really overcast today and cooler, we even had a little rain later in the morning.  Bonnie started the wash and I decided to pack all the clothes that were left in my closet.  They will be going to City Mission.  Bonnie had to head into East Aurora to pick up her RXs as they were closed when we got there last night.  It took me a few hours but I finished cleaning out the closet.  I entered all the items into Its Deductible Online and will use it on my tax return.


Now we just need to find a time to make a trip into the mission after Bonnie gets hers done.

Well thats about it for today, so I will get this posted early.

Thanks For Checking In!