MCD Shade install


Today is a nice sunny day currently, but rain is in the forecast for later.  We are also to have below freezing temperatures for a few hours overnight this weekend.

The FedEx truck pulled in at 10:30 and dropped off 5 MCD shades for the coach.


Bonnie and I went out after lunch to install them into the coach.  We had 5 shades to put up.  The first two went up in 20 minutes.  This is what the one next to the co-pilot seat looked like.

IMG_3471 Now with the MCD shade.


Then the next two had to be installed in place, which made it much harder. But we stuck with it and eventually we were able to get it done.  Then the last one went up in about ten minuets since we could take it off the wall and do outside on the back of the ranger.


We did have one major problem.  The shade on the biggest wind was to short.  We rechecked the measurements and the order form.  Once again I had made a mistake when I wrote down the numbers.  I wrote 36 when it should have been 56, my mistake (expensive mistake).  The numbers had been double checked and the order had to be owed another time.  So nothing to do but reorder the shade and Regina promised it would be here next week.

It sure gets dark early these days and we find ourselves watching a lot of TV.


It was nice and sunny when I got up but it was on 41 out.  So hoping for a nice day although they say rain later.

Bonnie was busy this morning packing up her clothes from the closets.  We plan to make a trip to the mission on Monday.  We now have all our clothes down in the garage and ready to load into the car (if they will all fit).  We finished that before it rained late this afternoon.

Don Paul our local weatherman is saying to expect snow here on the hill this weekend.  The nice thing is it will be right around freezing and which should not be a problem for the coach since it will warm up each day.  Then after Sunday night we are to get warmer temperatures.


We had a cold overnight and a good coating of frost on the back deck.


One friend of ours posted pictures of ice on her bird bath.  It is to be cold again tonight and then it should be a bit warmer after that overnight.

Along about noon Bonnie’s sister and her son/our nephew came over to pick up the shelves and other stuff that she bought from Bonnie.  It did not take them long to get loaded up and only one shelf had to be taken apart.

IMG_3475 IMG_3477

Once they left the girls cut each others toenails.  This is something they have done for each other for quite a while.

I heard from my grand daughters in Alabama that they were camping with their dad and they sent a picture.  Looks like they are having a good time.

IMG_3474 (1)

It also looks much warmer there than here.  We are cloudy and dark clouds now here.

Just after 4pm today I looked out and it was snowing.


It snowed for a while and stuck on the deck but that was about it.  It is to stay around freezing tonight and then warm up a little.


Up for church and there is still snow on the ground.  It looks like tonight may even be a little colder so I will probably turn the heat on in the coach on the lowest setting just to be safe.


We headed into church and it was snowing hard.  I looked in the coach and it was still 35 inside and 37 in what we call the wet bay.  Thats good news with as cold as it has been.  It snowed almost the whole way into church but it did stay above freezing.  The good news is that it continued to warm up.  The bad news is the forecast is for low 20s overnight, but then it is to get warmer.  The wind continues to come out of the North.

Church was good and it since it is Pastor appreciation month we presented them with our appreciation and flowers for their wives.  Bonnie dropped off the candy she had bought for Harvest Fest and we headed for North Java.  A quick stop to fill up the CR-V with gas and then on to the fire hall.  Today was a spaghetti diner, a fund raiser for the church in North Java.  It was really good and we got to visit with friends, who are also fellow RVers.  I also got to say hello to a couple of my former Co-Judges.  It was still snowing when we got home.

We tuned in to see how the Buffalo Bills doing and about that time I received a picture from the game.  The George Family.  They are the ones buying our house.  Their daughter stayed with a friend as she is not a football fan.


Looks like they are having a good time.  They won two tickets and as you can see Kyle is a Bengals Fan.  He should be happy since they won and are undefeated.

Well the snow stopped and the sun came out for a while.  Its still in the 30s but its the high 30s for now.  Bonnie had bid on a few baskets at the fund raiser and low and behold a friend delivered a Maple Basket that she won.


Lots of good maple products that we enjoy.  I was just thinking earlier that we will miss the Maple season this winter.

I went out and fired up the AquaHot boiler in the coach as it is to get down in the low 20s before dawn tonight.  Then tomorrow a warm up starts and we should have temps in the 60s this week and 40s overnight.  So this will be a good test of the AquaHot, it should not run too much as I set it at 40.  The wet bay heater was running when I came back in to the nice warm house.

Well thats about it for this week so I will get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!