Downsizing Almost Complete


Coldest night of the year last night down to about 25 here.  I had turned the heat on in the coach and set it to 40.  This morning when I checked it and turned it off it was 38 inside and 48 down in the wet bay, so the AquaHot did its job.

Over the past few months we have been busy down sizing.  We sold our time-shares, one of our two cars, and most of our personal items.  First the estate sale and then the auction people cleaned out the house to sell the remainder.  Our house is under contract to sell just waiting for the last few things to come together for that.  Today we took all the clothes that left in our closets and house to the the Buffalo City Mission and donated them.

IMG_3486The whole back of the car was full, about 20 plastic bags of clothes.  Our daughter works at the Mission as many of you know and offered to take us to lunch.  We had fasted all night and had blood drawn this morning at the lab.  We did have a snack afterwards but were ready for lunch.

Elizabeth has told us many times how good a place called Chris’ NY Sandwich Co. was.  So today was the day.  It is like a NY City Deli and all the food was very good.


I had the daily soup, Chicken Tortilla, which is fast becoming my favorite flavor soup.  Elizabeth and Bonnie both had sandwiches and sweet potato fries.  Nice big portions and they both got togo boxes.  Back at the mission we said our good byes and we headed home.


A little wet this morning then it cleared up but we did get rain later again.  We had nothing on the agenda today.  I spent a lot of time looking at routes and researching places to stay and visit in the coming months.

We headed to church in the evening for our small group meeting.  We were behind a week so we started a little earlier and we are all caught up now.

It rained all the way home but we are home safe and sound.  Thats about it for today.


It was raining a little when I got up this morning but it stopped after a short while.  I did some reading and watched a couple recorded shows.

After lunch Bonnie went in to work on her scrap booking and I read some.  I got some good news when I went out to get the mail.  The surveyors truck was parked at the end of the driveway.


I did not see anyone so headed back into the house.  As you can see it stayed overcast all day long.

Bonnie picked all the tomatoes the other day so they would not freeze and it looks like some of them will bet ripe.


Tomatoes are one of my favorite summer time things, I love tomato sandwiches.

A while later I looked out and saw two of the surveyors working in the yard.


I talked to one of them and he said they would not finish today.  They were working on locating the buildings today.  Hopefully they will be back tomorrow and finish the field work. It goes pretty quick as they use GPS to do the locating.  But they still have to locate the pins on the property perimeter.  Then a couple days to map and review.  I think this is our last hurdle before closing.

The Big Brown Truck pulled in just before dark and dropped off a package with some new vitamins and allergy medicine in it.  Our new MCD shade has been shipped and our mail is in route from Americas Mailbox.  Thats about it for today.  Time to get this posted.

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  1. Three cheers for the AquaHot. Don’t know what one is, but it’s name sorta gives a hint.

    The restaurant looks yummy,
    do they use woodman poons??

    Love you all!

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