Surveyors on the property


Another overcast day, maybe a few raindrops.  Bonnie had a dental appointment late this morning and I had promised to stop by the logging company to see how their computers were doing.  I dropped Bonnie off and went over to the logging office.  A nice hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee was waiting for me, very nice.  They have not been having any trouble with their computers so we pretty much left well enough alone and checked to make sure they were running all the programs they should to protect against viruses and malware.

Bonnie called and I picked her up and we headed home.  The mail had been delivered and we had a package of mail from Americas Mailbox.  Lots of mail in it so we know our address changes have taken place.  Bonnie did a little scrap booking and I did some more research online about our upcoming travels.


Heard from the Attorney today, no firm date for closing but still hopeful that next week will work.  Darren is coming to cut grass and leaves today.  Otherwise we have a clean agenda.  I think we will do some vacuuming and dusting.  It is a nice sunny day clear blue skies for a change.

The Darren texted me and asked if they could bring over some boxes, no problem.  FedEx pulled in and delivered the replacement shade for the coach.


I was hungry for a tuna sub so I ran down to Praller’s and picked one up.  While I was out I grabbed the mail and also checked and found the upper front marker that the surveyors had to relocate as the state had dug it up when they did some culvert work.  Its a little hard to see but its in the center of the picture and painted orange.


Now we just need them to get the drawings to the attorney and then he can submit the package to the bank.  The George’s brought a few things over and put them in the basement.  Darren helped me put the new shade up in the coach and we chatted for a while before he headed home.  Bonnie vacuumed the carpets and I cleaned the top of the radiators, the built in shelves and the ceiling fans.  We both worked up a sweat and now its time to relax.

Bonnie said she wanted a Fish Fry for supper so we headed down to the Varysburg Hotel to give it another try.  She said she enjoyed her fish very much. I was not really hungry and we both got small fish fries.  Mine was so so but we both brought home our left overs so the portions were more than enough.  I got a shower and we settled in to watch some TV this evening.


I was up early this morning and it was almost dark out as the sky was very overcast.  Bonnie was up early also.  Right around 10am cars started pulling in the driveway.  Our buyers were moving some of their stuff into the house today. Lots of their friends showed up to help.  At lunch time we heard that 25 adults and children were here for pizza.

IMG_3505 IMG_3501

After the trucks were unloaded the boys had time to throw the football around for a while in the front yard.


We had left to have an early birthday lunch with Elizabeth.  We met her Alexus and Dana and his girls at Nellies in Arcade.  The meal was really good and we had a nice time visiting.  We did a quick run to Sav-A-Lot and then headed home.  We had seen the Attica and Arcade Steam Train on our way to lunch and as we approached the crossing on Genesse Road we were lucky enough to see it again and get a picture.


The George’s were here and I helped Darren but a bed together.  The boys were watching college football and Alyssa and Taylor were playing hid and seek amongst all the boxes in the basement.IMG_3512

IMG_3511We visited for a while and then they headed home.  It was nice to have the kids here today listening to them play and have a good time exploring their new home.


We were up and off to church this morning.  Our Pastor was out of town for a wedding that a large group of church members also attended.  Our guest speaker was really good and continued in Phillipians.  If our closing goes as planned this will be our last regular Sunday at Cross Roads Christian Church.  Another couple is also going full time at the same time and their son and our daughter held a reception for us after the service.


While it is sad o say goodbye to so many friends it is exciting to be moving into a new phase of our journey here on earth.  We headed home and Elizabeth and Dana came with us and picked up some chairs, food, and the freezer that were still at the house.

While we at church the Buffalo Bills played in London, England.  They made a great comeback in the 4th quarter but then managed to lose in the end.  After everyone left we watched the NASCAR race and that ended in a bit of controversy also.  So I guess I will get this sent and hopefully by Wednesday we will know when we will be pulling out of here.

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