Final Week


Today begins the our final week in the house.  As far as we know everything is done.  Now it is up to the attorneys to review it all and set up a date for the closing.

It is nice and sunny this morning but only 32 this morning, but it should be in the 50s this afternoon.  The forecast for the rest of the week is for warmer temps but we are to get rain from the gulf hurricane along with a lot of wind.

Not much going on today so I spent a lot of the day reading.  I have been catching up on Nick Russell’s Big Lake series.  I am about to finish the last one he has written, but he is about to publish another in the series.

Good news I heard from our buyer Darren and his attorney told him the survey for our property was at my attorneys and the title package should be done tomorrow morning.  Also his package for the sale of his house is done.  So we should be able to close on Thursday or Friday.  The exact date is up to the bank attorney who should have the package on Wednesday.

With that news I started some things in motion.  Our Dish service will be placed on “Pause” starting Friday for up to 9 months.  That costs $5 a month.  So we take our equipment with us and they will reinstall it for free in the coach when we decide what we want to use for an antenna.

Then I called Time Warner it took at least 20 minutes to cancel my internet account.  First it was hard to understand her and I think it was hard for her to understand me.  Plus I think she was new and had to ask how to do things on the computer.  I was patient and as pleasant as I could be.  So that should cut off on Friday also.  We lease the modem so we have to drive it up to Batavia to turn it in.

So that leaves the propane and the electric to take care of once we get a firm closing date.  Bonnie called Mary and went for her final NY haircut.  Then Darren came over to pick up some things they needed for school and to carry on life.  We both are each kind of camping out in our houses without all our stuff.


Another nice sunny day to start.  We were up and had breakfast and then headed into East Aurora.  Our first stop was at our Doctors, we both had regular checkup appointments.  Bonnie went first but soon they came and got me and I was put in a different room to wait to see the PA.


Tom was soon done with Bonnie and came to see me.  My labs were all good and I even managed to lose a little bit of weight.  We said our goodbyes and they all wished us well in our new adventure.

Nest stop was the bank.


I had a check to deposit and we also gave them our new address and our mailing address.  From there we stopped in to visit with Bonnie’s Dad at the nursing home.  The greeter asked us who we were here to see and when we told him he said I know him he is the whistler.  Yes he does like to whistle a lot.


He was sporting his Halloween socks today.


Pretty cool socks.  Bonnie also was able to cut his fingernails.  He does not particularly like it but he did tolerate it and was very patient.


It must not have been to bad as he sat and held her hands afterwards.


We were there about an hour and were running into their lunch time.  So we took him down to the dining room and said our goodbyes.

Then a quick trip to the bank to pick up some envelopes to mail checks to them if necessary.  Then we headed home as Bonnie’s RXs were not ready.

Once home I took care of some paperwork and Bonnie went to work on making corn chowder to take to our small group meeting.  We also need to take out the trash tonight before we go to the meeting  We did hear that the paperwork is all at the bank and as soon as its reviewed we should get the closing date and time.

We took out the trash and headed for East Aurora again.  First stop was at the CVS to pick up Bonnie’s RXs and some milk and cereal.  Then out to Elma and our church for small group study, which finished up tonight.  Once we got home we had a nice chat on the phone with our son and DIL out in Huntsville.  We should be there in a few weeks and plan to spend Thanksgiving with them.


The wind and the rain woke me this morning as it was still pretty dark when I got up.  I checked email and read some blogs.  I finished the Big Lake book last night and started a new book, can’t remember the title.  Hopefully we will hear today when the closing will be and when we can sign the papers.

It is really windy out now and the trees are really whipping around.  After Bonnie got up I ended up talking to Amazon 3 times for 35 minutes to fix a prime order.  I had ordered 2 micro-sd cards on Monday for delivery today.  Last night they notified me they would be not be here until next Monday.  I could not understand the first person, so I asked to talk to a supervisor.  After another 10 minutes on hold I hung up and had them recall me.  The second person could only offer to have the post office send it back to them and refund my money.  No offer to even reorder and get it here on time.  After I hung up with her I received an email from Amazon to offer feedback.  Which I did and I got an offer to give them another chance.  So I clicked ok and received a call in a few seconds.  Keith asked what happened and I told him.  He did what I though the first person should have done.  He reordered the cards for overnight delivery with no charge to me.  I told him that was good customer service and what I had expected from the beginning.  So in the end Amazon came through.

I headed down to the Post Office after lunch and ran into a small dead tree the wind had knocked over.


I filled out the change of address and submitted it.  So far we still do not have the closing scheduled but our attorney called and tomorrow we will sign our paperwork at his office.  After that we are free to leave.  We are still hoping that the bank will get everything organized and let everyone know about the closing tomorrow.  We think all is good but that they need to review everything.

So Bonnie worked on her scrap book project all day and finished it up just before supper.  I helped her put it in the album and so it is finished.

I did get word that my Amazon order has shipped and will be delivered tomorrow.  The wind has let up a little but is to blow hard until tomorrow night. At least it is out of the South and keeping it warmer than usual.

Well we are going to watch the debate so I will get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!