We Made it to Mission, TX


The alarm went off at 0600 very early for us.  The traffic noise was constant last night so it acted like white noise and did not keep either of us from sleeping.  After breakfast we hooked up the CRV and started toward Houston.  We were kind of on the tail end of the morning rush and only had one major backup but that cost us over a half hour delay.

IMG_3837As you can see traffic started to move after we turned on to US59 and headed South.  After we got South of Houston and past the suburbs we made good time and did not have any other problems.  We just kept rolling and stopped just after 1100 at a rest area and had a sandwich and took a break.  Then back on the road until we got close to Mission.  We pulled into a Flying J and topped off the tank so we would have close to a full tank while we are parked.

We missed the turn we were supposed to take and ended up coming in the back way which was not bad at all.  We pulled up in front of the lot and started to unhook.


Of course the neighbors started coming out and welcomed us.  Andy the landlord also came buy a couple times.  We visited for about an hour and then finally we were able to get the coach backed into its spot.  We made on the first try with Bonnie directing.  We did move it back and forward a time or two until we got it where we wanted it.  Finally we could open the slides, hook up the utilities and relax.  Andy had his helpers work on the lock on the coach house and he came back and sprayed for some ants that were around the base.

IMG_3845Bonnie fixed some rice and vegetables that was really good.  Our new credit card was delivered today so I have been online updating the accounts we use it with.  Well time to get some rest.  Its nice not have to worry about when we get up in the morning.


I planned to sleep in this morning but I was up a little after 0800.  It was down in the 40s over night, tonight it should stay in the 50’s.  Then today it was sunny and in the 70s.  We did break out the windshield shade as the sun shinning in the front window had it up to 86 in the coach by lunch time.  Speaking of lunch we headed out to see what the famous Whataburger is all about.

IMG_3847 The burgers were very good and the service was excellent.  Buffalo has even had an influence down here.  But I am not sure this sandwich would make it in Buffalo.


We drove by the Butterfly center and also the National Birding Center while we were out.  We also saw a lot of Border Patrol trucks and even their horse corral, good to know that they are keeping watch of the area.

We stopped at the club house on the way back to the coach and it is very nice.

IMG_3849 IMG_3850 IMG_3851

Bonnie did a load of towels when we got back and we took it easy.  I did hear a wood pecker and went out to look.  Found it in the tree behind the neighbors coach house.


We were watching a program using our Chrome Cast when we got a face time call from our friends the Rindo’s up in Batavia, NY.  Bob said it was cold and wet there.  While we were chatting with him a neighbor knocked on the door and invited us to a get together around the corner.  So after the call we grabbed our chairs and went over to meet some more of the folks here.  Of course there was lots of good food.  We met a couple that was just here for a few days to see if they want to come and stay longer.  We also got some leads on who to call to come and wash our rig.

Once the sun went down it seemed to cool down a lot and we headed home as Bonnie did not have a jacket.  However it is still 60 here at 9:30.   So I think we are starting to relax and realize we don’t have to move for a while.  Our hot spots are working even though we only get about 3 bars on T-Mobile and -109dbm on Verizon.  With my booster the T-Mobile worked to stream the TV program.  Well thats about it for today.


I have been getting a sore throat, I think it is allergies, so took some NyQuil before bed last night.  I did sleep well and did not get up until 0900 this morning.  Then we pretty much took it easy the rest of the day.  Bonnie did some reading and I did some research on campground memberships.  I saw the neighbors rolling out their trash cans so I took ours out.  Sure enough the truck came around and emptied them.  I took this quick shot of our set up when I brought the can back in.


Guess I will watch Alabama and Florida in the SEC Championship Game.  Hey Alabama won.


We were up in plenty of time to get ready and head to church at Palm Valley Church in Mission.


This church is similar to our home church Crossroads on steroids.  They have a Saturday night service and two on Sunday morning, all the same.  The have about 6000 attend on a weekly average.  We enjoyed the worship service and the message that the pastor brought was also good and based on the Bible.  The people were friendly and many greeted us and spoke to us.  I think we will be going back.

It seems that one of the local large grocery stores is HEB.  So we visited there to restock for the next few days.  This area has at least 100,000 people move in for the winter and they really seem happy to have us come.  A lot of businesses and even roadside signs have put up similar signs.


Bonnie fixed us a wonderful salad for lunch and I don’t think I will need any dinner.

This afternoon our neighbor who is the designated Welcome Lady came over with a packet of information for us and sat and chatted for an hour or so.  She answered a lot of questions for us and gave us information on places to go and see.  We also got to watch the Bills beat Houston as it was carried on the local channels.  We also listened to the Presidents address from the Oval Office.

Well thats about it for this week.  So far we like it here and we have so much to explore.  The weather has been in the 70’s and 50s overnight with a couple in the 40s.  Looks like we will have 80s the end of this week.  Its so nice to see the sun everyday so far.

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  1. glad your trip was safe enjoy your stories
    weather has been much like spring 50 during the days and 30ish at night take care

    1. Hope the Lake Effect is not to bad later if the lake stays warm. Thanks for staying in touch.

  2. Welcome to The Valley! Hope you find my home state welcoming! Texans are a friendly bunch and we do tend to brag a bit about our diverse state. There is so much to see and do in the RV that it will takes you years. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your winter!

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