Settling In


Today is the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, I hope you took a moment to remember those that lost their lives that day.  Being a Navy Veteran its an important day to me.

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My first stop this morning was the Clubhouse and my first community meeting.  It was very well attended and well run.  Lots of good information and it was over in 45 minutes.  There were about 100 people in attendance, it was nice that it was held outside on the clubhouse patio.


We have been trying to use our hot spots since we got here and usually have a pretty strong signal.  But we must only be hitting one tower and when it is congested with other people the hot spots are pretty much useless.  This happens in the evening when we want to stream Hulu TV to catch up on the programs that have played on previous nights.  So today I bit the bullet and went over to the local Solstar office and signed up for internet.  I was surprise when she told me it should be hooked up this afternoon.  Joe the installer has 4 others to do before us.

Bonnie put a chuck roast and vegetables in the crock pot for supper and it smelled good all day.  Joe the internet installer drove past our spot twice today but did not make it for our install.  We should be near the top of the list for tomorrow.  The router and wifi are lonely in the coach house.


The roast turned out great and we had a very good supper.  I talked to our neighbor for a while this afternoon and got the name of someone to wash the rig.  We will try to give them a call tomorrow.  The Border Patrol has flown over a few times tonight they must have someone they are watching.  Time for the Voice.


I tossed and turned most of the night still fighting off these allergies.  I will try NyQuil again tonight it seems to work better, except I do feel like I have a bit of a hang over in the morning.  I was up at 0800 and shortly after I finished breakfast Joe from Solstad was here to hook up our internet.  It took about 30 minutes and we were in business.


So far it is working great.  We were able to stream a movie and several TV shows without a problem.

We did move some plastic tubs and 31 bags out to the coach house and Bonnie moved her sewing machine out there also.  Then we went over to Bentzen Palm this afternoon to see what the Fruit and Vegetable vendor had to offer.  Bonnie picked up some tomatoes and cucumbers and a fresh pineapple.  We had Jambalaya for supper and the pineapple for dessert.

It was warmer today but there was a nice breeze which kept things cooler.  Tonight it has cooled off to 65 and is quiet comfortable.  I took a shower out in the coach house for the first time tonight and it was quite nice.

IMG_3861 Here is a picture of the kithenette and refrigerator and the bathroom which also has a hood up for a washer and dryer.


We are slowly settling in.  We have to get into the habit of checking the community calendar as we missed a presentation on sugar plantations today that I heard was very interesting.  There is always something to do here.  Thats about it for today.


We took it easy all morning and then after lunch took a ride to Donna.  Bonnie wanted to check out the Don-Wes Flea Market.  It was about a 45 minute drive and that was on the expressway.  They say if you can not find it at Don-Wes it does not exist.  My allergies are really kicked in to high gear and its about all I can do to function at a base level.  I took a quick look around and then sat down  in the pavilion and listened to the singer.  He was actually pretty good.  Bonnie was ready to go in a little over an hour.  She picked up some fruit and we were on our way.  We took business 83 on the way back and that took a lot longer.

We were able to get the car washed and then we stopped at CVS and I picked up some more allergy medicine.  It seems to be helping.  We also stopped a Delia’s for supper.  They only sell Tamales and we had our first taste of real Tamales.  I thought they were good and filling.

Back home Andy brought our mail by as the key we should have is missing.  We watched a little TV and then bed.

I am writing this Thursday morning as I was out of it last night and forgot to post it so will send it off now.

Thanks For Checking In!