Hot Weather and Wind


So last night I was really suffering with these allergies.  The Flonase seems to be helping but Bonnie said I snored with every breath and she went out and tried to sleep on the jackknife sofa.  Once I got up in the morning she moved into the bedroom.  Then I realized I did not send out the blog last night so did a quick update and sent  it out.  I did forget to include the pictures of the Tamales so here they are.  We bought a dozen but we were full before we finished them.  A tamale is a Mexican dish of seasoned meat wrapped in cornmeal dough and steamed or baked in corn husks.

IMG_3868 (1) They are good with a little salsa on them.

IMG_3869 (1)

So today it is to be in the upper 80’s the hottest weather we have seen so far.  I have turned on the A/C for the first time since we have been here and I am hoping that it will maybe help my allergies a little also.

Well I did not do anything today.  I never left the coach.  The A/C did a pretty good job of cooling the coach and I even took a nap just sitting on the sofa.  Bonnie read most of the day and we had left overs for supper.  I am a fan of leftovers and these were especially good.  The Flonase seems to be helping a lot and I hope it allows me to sleep without snoring so Bonnie can sleep.  So I think I will take my medicine and see if I can get some sleep.


I felt like I slept better last night but my snoring kept Bonnie awake so she moved to the couch again and then when I got up this morning she went back to bed for a couple hours.  I hope this ends soon so she can get a good nights rest.

I had some breakfast, got a shower and headed up to the clubhouse.  The Photo Club was having their first meeting of the season.  We met for about an hour and a half and decided to meet next Friday again.  Several people brought some photos for the group to look at and comment on.  There were some really good photos birds, landscapes, people, and some sunsets.  About 16 people attended and it seems like it will be a nice group.  I have taken pictures for over 50 years but have never had any formal instruction.  This also is my first photo club experience.  So I am looking forward to learning and I think Bonnie will join also.  Here is a view looking down our street.

IMG_3871 (2)

It was quite warm again today and we ran the A/C again.  It was very breezy and it looks like a cold front will sweep through here tomorrow and may bring some rain along with it and some cooler weather.  It was a good afternoon for a nap and Bonnie said I did not snore (much).

Looks like left over beef roast and veggies for supper and then a relaxing evening.


Looks like another windy gray sky day.  Its also Army/Navy Game day.  Yes I snored again and Bonnie tried to sleep on the couch and then went to the bedroom when I got up.  I am feeling much better and feel like I slept good.

I worked on some financial stuff today and we both read some, then Bonnie went to the coach house to work on a sewing project but that did not last long.  Seems like she needs some more stuff.  Meanwhile the Army/Navy game is on and so far it looks like it will be a good close game.  Well it was a good game and in the end NAVY won, thats 14 years in a row.

As soon as the game ended I headed up to the clubhouse with two pork chops and two potatoes to grill them up on the big grills.  They have a nice outdoor kitchen and good grills on the patio.


The pork chops were looking good in no time at all.


I left them on about 25 minutes so the potatoes would get partially cooked.  Then when I got back to the coach Bonnie finished them off with a few minutes in the microwave, added some cheese and coleslaw and we had a nice meal.

IMG_3876The day sure passed quickly.  I did get a chance to FaceTime with my Son and GD today and saw her missing tooth that finally came out.  Then a nice online chat with my sister.  So all in all a good day, we even got a little bit of rain.


The wind huffed and puffed all night long and shook the coach quite a bit.  We also got a little bit of rain.  Its still quite windy this morning, this is the third day of wind.  I think this front is supposed to pass through here today and the wind should calm and the temperature drop a little.

We are up this morning and getting ready to head to Palm Valley Church again for the 11:30 service.  The service was awesome again and we are looking forward to attending the Special Christmas Services.

After Church we headed into McAllen so that Bonnie could pick up some items at Hancock Fabrics.  She prefers Joann Fabrics but there do not appear to be any down here.  From there we looked for a place to eat some lunch and settled on a place called Freebirds Mexican Restaurant.  It was ok but nothing great.  I had a burrito and Bonnie had loaded nachos.

Last stop was a new to us HEB Plus for some groceries.  I dropped Bonnie off as the parking lot was full and Bonnie said the store was a mad house and we will not be going back there.  There were a lot of cars in the lot from Mexico, so I am guessing Sunday is a big day for people to come across the border for shopping.  It was almost 4:00 when we got home.  We missed the Christmas Bazaar and bake sale in the village.  I took a quick nap and Bonnie did a load of wash.

Just after dark the Village Christmas walk went by singing Christmas songs.  Actually they were on a trailer pulled by a John Deere tractor and several golf carts loaded up with folks all singing.  The front has gone through and the wind has died down and the temperatures are much cooler.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.

Thats about it for this week.  So I will get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!