Nice and cool last night and I did not snore much so we both slept better.

So my GD Alexus is on Christmas break from college and she has decided to come and visit us for almost two weeks.  She will go home the day after Christmas so she will be here for Christmas.

I attended a seminar on the Aqua-Hot up at the clubhouse.  It was presented by a technician that came all the way down here from Elkhart, IN.  So now I have another contact in Elkhart to work on the coach when we are in the area and need service.

While I was at the seminar I got a text that the first of three flights Alexus has to take was pushing back from the gate.  So most of the rest of the day I tracked her flights and so far they have all been on time.  The last of the three is just now boarding and she should be here in two hours.  As soon as the Voice is over we will head to the airport in McAllen and pick her up.

I also was waiting for a Priority mail package with our mail that should have been here on Saturday.  I got a notice but it was for a package at the Varysburg address, it turned out not to be ours.  Then later I got a text that our package was here.  Andy also was able to get us a key to our mailbox so we were able to go up and get our mail.  We also got our first Christmas card.  Well back to tracking flights.

The flight was actually early and as soon as the Voice ended we beat feet for the airport.  Only took about 20 minutes and we were 10 or 15 minutes early.  So we parked across the street at the mall along with a few other cars.  Then went over and parked in short term parking and walked in the airport.  Its a small airport so it was easy to find things.  In just a few minutes.

IMG_3879Of corse I got pushed to the rear and a hand went up in front of the camera so this is all I got.  We claimed her bag and once outside I tried another picture.

IMG_3880Not great lighting but its all I got.  We were back at the coach in 20 minutes and after a while of chatting and catching up we called it a night.


Its supposed to be a hot one again today 90+.  So the shades are still down and the air conditioner is running on high already this morning.  We all did sleep in until after 0900.

We made a run to Walgreens late this morning and while we were out decided to have lunch.  Alexus picked Chick-fil-A.


Personally its not my favorite but they don’t have any in Buffalo so we stopped. Boy was it busy.  Had to wait for a table.  My sandwich was good.  But from now on we told her when we eat out it will be a local place not a national chain.  Back at the coach we emptied the black tank and then the girls changed and went up to the pool, its up to 87 now at 3:00pm.

They were back in less than an hour.  Alexus changed and wanted to go work out so I went back up to the club house with her.  Our neighbor Vance and his friend Ken were by the pool and I sat and talked to them until almost dark.  Alex finished her workout and headed back to the coach.  I headed back a short time later.

Bonnie made sandwiches for supper and then we settled in to watch and see who the winner is on The Voice.


We must have all been tired as I slept in until after 9 this morning.  Then Alexus moved into the bedroom and about an hour later Bonnie got up.  Alexus managed to stay in bed until after noon.

Yesterday we got a package in our mail that was not ours.  I did not see the person in the directory so posted a note on FB.  Someone knew them and told us which lot they were on.  Bonnie and I went by there this morning but no one was home.  So we took it up to the office and they will try to figure out who they are.  While we were up there we bought out tickets to Christmas dinner and New Years brunch.  We also stopped over and signed up to go out for Pizza tonight.

Much cooler today and we were able to have the windows open all day and not run the A/C.  The landscaping company was here today and cut the grass and trimmed.

The day passed quickly, Bonnie did some wash and before we knew it it was time to head out for pizza.  We met the others up at the clubhouse and we headed for Mama’s in McAllen.  There were 10 of us and we had a nice time.  The pizza was so so, hard to match Buffalo Pizza.

Now we are back home in time to catch the finale of Survivor.

Thats about it for the start of this week so I will get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!



  1. Merry Christmas! So glad Alexus is spending time with you. Sounds like you are settled into your new life and enjoying yourselves. We miss you.

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