Parrots – – Not


Alexus was up before either of us this morning.  Maybe it is because she slept so much yesterday.


No she actually got up so she could go and volunteer at the local rescue shelter. Sherri who lives in the house behind us picked her up at 0800.  It was almost noon when she got back.  Here are a couple of her new friends.

IMG_3885 IMG_3884

When she got back she had some laundry to do.  Of course that tired her out again.


Actually she was out in the coach house with her grandmother while she sewed.


We were out of cereal and snacks so Alexus and I headed up to one of the local Super Walmarts and picked up a few groceries.

We had been planning to go to a talk on Parrots tonight so after Bonnie fixed hamburgers and fries Bonnie and I walked up to the club house.  Well no one else was up there.  So checking Facebook and clicking on the right links I figured out it was at the McAllen Birding Center.  So scratch that activity.  We headed back to the coach for the evening.


Not sure where today went, I do know we were busy.  Bonnie and I got up and once we were ready we headed up to the Clubhouse for the photo club meeting.  It was well attended again we looked at each others photos and commented on what we liked and what could be done to make them look better.

Then it was back to the coach for a little while and a quick snack.  Then Vance our neighbor and I got into his golf cart and once we had picked up Ken we headed next door to Bentsen Palm RV Park our sister park.  We meet 9 other folks over there at their horseshoe pits and played 3 games of horseshoes.  Each team played every other team.  I did manage to get one ringer but boy am I out of practice, Dave my teammate for the day and I did not win one game.  But we all had a good time and no one was really good.

Once back at the coach I caught up on email and even managed to catch a little bit of a nap.  Bonnie had done some sewing and reading today.  Then she heated up the beans and we headed up to the club house for a pot luck supper.  Everyone brings their own meat to grill and shares a dish to pass.  Note to us, go early.  They were nice and got some extra chairs out so we would have a place to eat but the bowls were mostly empty when I finished with the hot dog grilling and went into eat.  It was nice to meet some new people and see where they were from and how long they have been coming down here.  We chatted a while and then headed back to the coach.

It was a nice day in the 70s after an over night low of in the 40s.  Tonight it is not to be so cold.  We watched a Christmas movie and now everyone is getting ready for bed.  Buffalo did finally get some snow and here is picture Darren sent me of his back deck.


Reminds me a lot of the pictures I used to take to show how much snow had fallen except for Sadie.

Last picture for tonight this is how UPS delivers here in the park.


Thats right a golf cart pulling a trailer.


I was up early but the girls slept in a bit, one of them until after noon.  Plans for the day were to visit the National Butterfly Center.  Since it is only about 5 minutes away we still had plenty of time.  So after we all showered and the camera batteries got charged we headed out.


I think there had been a Santa event earlier in the day but there were just a few visitors as we checked in.  As Winter Texans we got in for 1/2 price $5.00.  The center was much bigger than I thought and we did see a lot of Butterflies, Birds and wildlife.  Some nice flowers also.  Here are some of the butterflies.

IMG_2781 IMG_2763 IMG_2760 IMG_2758 IMG_2753 IMG_2754 IMG_3892

Here are the girls on the hunt for more.


A lot of the picture in the blog tonight were taken by Alexus she was good at stalking the birds.  But this guy was really serious including knee pads and gloves.  Thats a huge camera on the small of his back.


Here are some of the bird shots.

IMG_2769 IMG_2771 IMG_2772 DSC_8295




Of course there was some other wild life also.

IMG_2767 IMG_2765 DSC_8254 Even a tortoise


Also a few flowers.

IMG_2776 DSC_8252 Even some citrus


And finally some fungi.

DSC_8304From the Butterfly Center we headed up to Pinatas to the Walmart to pickup RXs.  They should have been ready yesterday but only one of the two was ready.  The other one did not have the whole 90 day supply, so we will have to go back next week to pick it up.  Bonnie bought a few things and then we headed back to Mission in search of a Mexican restaurant.  We settled on Taco LaScalla.  It was not busy as it was only 4:30.  Our waitress did not speak any english.  She heard me say a couple Spanish words and she started speaking a mile a minute in Spanish to me, oops.  Well we managed to order and it all looked good when it came out.

IMG_3895It all tasted good also.  It had a little heat to it, the kind that builds a little with each bite.  My nose was running pretty good by the time I finished.  Alexus did not like hers so Bonnie ate it also.  We were full when we left.

Heading home from there we made a quick stop at Walgreens for milk and some snacks for Alexus.  A replay of the live WIZ is on tonight so we are watching that.


When I got up this morning Alexus was already up.  We all got ready for church and once again headed for Palm Valley Church.  Another good service and Alexus said she enjoyed it also.  I will say we miss Pastor Pat as he always held my attention and his sermons were so personal and meaningful.

After church we headed to lunch.  Alexus picked the King Buffett for Chinese.  It was pretty busy but I did not think it was all that good.  The place was busy and had a good selection, but it looked a little dingy to me.  From there we went back to the HEB so Bonnie could grocery shop.  Looks like we are well supplied for the next week.

I checked in on the Bills only to learn that they had lost.  Now I am watching the Steelers and Broncos.  Caroline back in Batavia likes them as I do so we can chat back and forth some as the game progresses.  I have been researching cameras for the last week as mine is 10 years old.  I finally ordered one this evening.  Hopefully it will be here Tuesday.  Its a compromise, but I am never going to be a professional photographer.

Well thats about it for this week.  We are now into Christmas week, Merry Christmas.  Hope everyone has fun with family and enjoys the time together.

Thanks For Checking In!