Forecast – 80s and 90s all week


I was first up again today and Alexus moved from the couch to the bed with Bonnie.  Last night was the first night that I heard the coyotes yipping, kind of neat.  Bonnie got up a couple hours later and Alexus sometime around noon. She did not want to do anything but Bonnie wanted to go down to the Rio Grande river and see if we could find the baby alligators.  The resort has use of a pontoon boat down there and there is also a Palapa.  A Palapa is a pavilion with a thatched roof.  Here is our first view of the Palapa and the river.

DSC_8305 That is Mexico on the far bank of the river.  This is what the roof of the Palapa is made out of.


Here are the girls checking out the river.


Then we went over by the boathouse.  I slowly approached the water hoping to see the alligators.  As I peeked through the weeds I heard something enter the water.


When I got down the steps I saw a gator swimming away.


But soon I spotted some others that were out of the water soaking up the little bit of sun there was today.

IMG_2803 IMG_2799

On the way back to the coach we decided to swing by Walmart and return a T-shirt and I had also received a text that the RX for Bonnie was ready.  Then once we left there Alexus said she wanted to make Tacos for supper.  So we stopped at a tortilleria and picked up some fresh tortillas.  Then we stopped and picked up some other things she needed at the Foys market.  Once we got home Alexus got busy cooking.


While she was cooking Bonnie went out to sew and UPS delivered a package.  We had also received a package in the mail from my sister and vista print.

Her efforts paid off and we had a very good meal and I really enjoyed it.  Bonnie cleaned up and we can now relax the rest of the evening.


Alexus was up first this morning and headed out with a neighbor to volunteer at the rescue shelter again.  I was up shortly after she left and then Bonnie not too long after that.  Alexus was home before noon and headed for the shower.  It is a bit humid out today and in the 80s.

I headed out with Vance our neighbor just before one.  We were headed next door in his golf cart to Bentzen Palm for horseshoes.  We had new people today but fewer players.  I did get to meet some guys from Canada and we had a nice chat after the games.  We had 6 players so we threw with 3 on each end.  I was doing much better today and won in my threesome.  Then a couple more came so we had 4 teams.  I threw with Dennis and we won that game also.  Then we all chatted for a while and then headed home.

Bonnie wanted to go out for supper and so we took Alexus to What A Burger.  Boy was it crowded and noisy.  The food was good again and I got my free senior drink.

Finally back home UPS had delivered my new camera a Panasonic Lumix  DMC-FZ1000.  I took a quick look at the manual and it will take me quite a while to figure out all the camera will do.  It does have an automatic mode and I will start with that.  Hoping that it will cool off some tonight.


The plan for today was to go to South Padre Island.  I was the first up then Bonnie again and finally Alexus.  Then she took forever to get ready and we did not pull away from the coach until after noon.  So it was just before 2:00 when we got on the island.  First stop was the beach in the county park.


The beach was pretty nice and in places pretty crowded.  There is a large statue of Christ that looks over the park.


We stopped to use the rest room which allowed Alexus to run over to the bait shop to get some snacks.


We found a parking spot at the third beach and the girls took off to check out the beach, of course Bonnie had her bag to collect shells.  It was a bit windy and conditions were dangerous so even though there were a lot of people in the water they stayed very shallow.

P1000030 A view down the beach

IMG_3903 The girls way down the beach.  I used the zoom on the new camera.


There were also quite a few trying to surf and a guy on a paddle board, I never saw him fall.

P1000060 P1000049 An older gentleman was flying this kite and a few minutes later it crashed on the road.


Later on we drove North thru town all the way to where the road ends.  Lots of sea spray and sand in the air today the car really needs washed.  On the way back we finally found a place to eat.  YELP called it a hole in the wall with great food.  So we gave it a try.  I think we were all stuffed and very happy with the meals.

IMG_3904 Waiting patiently.

IMG_3905 Happy after her time on the beach.

IMG_3907 These were my fish tacos, very good.


Before we left the island we almost watched the sunset, it was close but Bonnie was ready to go.

P1000123 I will close with a couple shots of some of the birds around the beach.

P1000094 P1000086 We have seen some white pelicans on the way to church both Sundays but today there were just the grey ones.


Well it was a long day and lots of driving but we are home safe.  Just after we got home which was around 8:00pm I got a text from a friend checking on us as the blog was late.  Nice to have friends check on you.  So thats it for the first part of Christmas Week.  Merry Christmas!  The next blog will be after Christmas and after our first trip into Mexico.

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  1. Enjoy the blog….Merry Christmas!!!!!

  2. Feliz Navidad y prospero Ano Nuevo.
    Be Careful. Remember what our Buddy, Donald, said about the Mexicans.

  3. Love reading about your adventures!

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