Nearing the End


It was cool overnight down into the 40s but the sun quickly warmed up the coach.  We had the door and some windows open by noon.

Our daughter and granddaughter opened their presents today.  I started a tradition when Alexus was born, every year I have given her a Christmas (now called a Holiday Barbie).  She has one for every year.  She told me she has only ever opened one.  She plans to put them up in her daughters room when she marries and has a daughter.  I said to her this year that now that she is in college maybe she does not want them anymore.  She said Oh No she better get one.  When she was older and we started the tradition of watching The Christmas Story movie, I started hiding a present for her and her mother just like the red rider BB gun was hidden.  So this year since she was here on Christmas I sent Barbie to her mother and asked her to hide it.  I got a text early yesterday that she had found it and it was beautiful.  Her smile made me smile also.


Bonnie started the wash and then we read, listened to a podcast from Living the RV Dream  and watched a couple programs.  After lunch I went out to pay the internet bill.  Its was still a bit windy until late this afternoon when the wind died down.

Once Bonnie finished the wash we made the bed and then settled down for the evening.  Bonnie decided to read and after I did the dishes I watched a Netflix.


I slept in until 9:30 this morning.  I tossed and turned some last night, I think it was the cookies to close to bedtime.  Its cloudy this morning so pretty dark in the bedroom and nice and cool.  I am looking forward to throwing some horseshoes later today.  The cool air will be welcome as it was quite warm last time.  I have to laugh as I watch people go by out for their morning walk.  Its 58 some are all bundled up with hats and gloves on and others go by with just T-shirts on.

No sun as of 1pm when we headed over to the horseshoe pits in Bentzen Palm.  We had 8 guys today so four teams.  We each played three games.  Dennis and I managed to win one of our games.  He was in good form today.


Fred has a unique way of throwing, he calls it the Freddie Flop.


It may flop but it finds the stake quite often as a ringer.  We had a good time and most stayed around to chat afterwards.  Most shared how they had initiated their rigs through one mishap or another.

Bonnie had been busy while I was gone and the Coach was looking mighty good when I got back.  She did have a vacuum hose for me to fix.  It was an easy fix and then we cleaned the AC filters.  I walked up and picked up the mail and then supper.  After the dishes we read and watched Netflix.

Looks like overcast, cool and rain for the next few days.


Wet outside when I got up this morning, looks like the weatherman was right.  After my cereal and coffee I started to investigate why Walmart had only filled one of Bonnies RXs.  I called them and all she could tell me is that there was only one on file.  They had accepted two when I ordered them online so I can only guess they messed up as it was not to expire until 2016.  So I was able to contact CVS and get the NY RX transferred down here and it looks like it is already for pickup at the store.  Turns out the pharmacist that I talked to is from Cheektowaga, small world.  So we will go out later and pick up the RXs.  Looks like it will be gloomy here for the next few days.  I like the way CVS does things so hopefully we will use them this year for more of our pharmacy needs.

So once Bonnie got up and was ready we headed for CVS.  I met Mike who I had talked to on the phone and picked up the RX.  I was also able to give him the info for our new healthcare plan Blue Cross that takes effect on Friday.  From CVS we went next door to Whataburger for lunch.  I had a bacon cheeseburger and tried the Buffalo dipping sauce.  It actually was good it tasted like a medium wing sauce.


Once we finished lunch we headed out to Walmart to pickup the other RX and do a little grocery shopping.  They had one person serving a long line of people waiting to pick up their medicine.  I already miss having it sent to the house and just picking it up in the mailbox.  The experience a CVS was good.  We will try to do most of our business there.  But Walmart has some great prices on a couple of the maintenance medicines we take.

Back at the coach I took out the trash and Bonnie put away the groceries.  Bonnie finished reading about her Instant Pot and set it up.  First thing to do was run it through a test cycle.


It worked and it is very quiet.  I am looking forward to the first meal from it.

It did get into the low 60s today but the concrete never dried completely.  The next few days are to be the same.

As we near the end of 2015 We want to Wish Everyone A Happy New Year.  Now its time to get this posted, the pizza smells good and is almost done.

Thanks For Checking In!


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, Bob…..

  2. So where do I send your Christmas Card, next year or is that a moving target? Good to know you folks are having fun. Cheers for 2016 !

  3. So you left winter in Buffalo. But, Winter has not arrived yet. Maybe you left too soon. Thinking of you as we bask in the 40’s to 60’s Don’t laugh it’s supposed to get cold here real soon. Happy New Year!!

  4. Bob, be sure and join the Instant Pot Community on FB. I have learned everything I know from them! Great files on pg. 1 with recipes and tips. I love my IP. Still learning. Tomorrow I am making chili in it for New Years Eve.
    Have fun!

  5. We follow your daily revelalations & enjoy! A happy & healthy New Year to Bonnie & you! We miss you!

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