South of the Border

MONDAY We are headed to Mexico on this cool Sunny Morning with friends Chris and Charles.  Nice of them to take us under their wing and show us the ropes […]

More Rain

THURSDAY It was raining before we went to bed and it continued most of the night.  I guess winter in the desert means rain.  Weatherbug showed .35″ which is significant […]

The Lumber Arrives

MONDAY We both woke up this morning to the sound of work going on next door.  I thought it sounded like lumber being delivered. When I got up I noticed […]


MONDAY Beautiful day today, a bit overcast but still got up to 75.  The clouds help to keep it cooler in the coach.  We woke up to lots of construction […]

A Project

MONDAY A few days a go a port-a-potty appeared in the field across the road and also a dumpster between our lot and the lot next door.  The folks next […]

Liking the Desert

THURSDAY Slept like a log last night no noises woke me up, did not even hear the dog bark this morning.  Mid forties last night and 75 this afternoon.  We […]

First Days

MONDAY Good start to our first day in Yuma.  It was quiet last night and I slept well.  The neighbors over the fence in the house do have a dog and […]

Boulders and Trees

THURSDAY We were up on out the door shortly after 10 this morning headed for higher elevations. We passed lots of windmills, which reminds me there are High Wind warnings […]

Traffic and Trucks

MONDAY We were up and on the road before 10am this morning.  Then we jumped on California 99 and headed South.  Wow lots of traffic and Truck after Truck on […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

THURSDAY Happy Thanksgiving hope you had a wonderful time with family.  We had a Great Day!  First we got a picture from my Son and his family. Then Bonnie baked […]