February 2016

Beautiful Weather

Thursday Since the hot day on Tuesday we have had beautiful weather in the 70s.  No alarm today for the first time since last Saturday.  So we slept in until […]

Tax Time

Monday Overcast this morning but then it cleared up and got up into the mid 80s.  I was up early as the workmen started just after 7am next door working […]

More Sun

Thursday What can I say.  The average temperatures have been running about 10 degrees above normal for this area.  Today there was a nice breeze most of the day and […]

Sun, Sun, Sun

Monday Another wonderful sunny day, we got up to 90 today, wow and its February.  Thats hot even for the Rio Grande Valley.  As a matter of fact some spots […]

Cookies for Cops

Thursday Bonnie was up early today to make some Cookies for Cops.  Its a nice gesture the Village does for the local PD and the Border Patrol.  She had it […]

Bye Bye Dish

Shrove Monday A very nice day nice breeze and a bit overcast.  So it was nice and warm but not hot, perfect.  We took it easy most of the day, […]

Finally picked up the Sign

Thursday We got an email this morning that our signs were ready.  So after lunch we loaded up in the CRV and headed to Progresso to the sign store.  When […]

Trip to Mexico

Monday Its late and I am sitting here in the quiet coach listening to the wind blow as another front passes through.  It was 87 again today but is to […]