Trip to Mexico


Its late and I am sitting here in the quiet coach listening to the wind blow as another front passes through.  It was 87 again today but is to be cooler for the next few days by about 10 or 20 degrees.  Its been a long day for us and we have been busy.

I got up at 0830 and after breakfast and coffee I grabbed my computer and headed up to the club house for the Genealogy Club meeting.  One of the members another Bob gave an excellent talk and demonstration on how to cite sources for information you find.  He also talked about the importance of verifying the information as well as the source.  He used the example of a family story that had been passed down that was proved to be totally inaccurate once the facts were checked out.  A few of the facts were real but a lot of made up story had been added.  Anyway it was very interesting.

I had a dentist appointment in Nuevo Progresso at 2:00pm so we left around 12:30.  The dentist I talked to was off today but he promised I would be in good hands.  We were also hoping to pick up our metal sign today.  After filling the fuel tank we headed for the border.

We arrived about 30 minutes early, parked and started our walk across the bridge.  It was quite warm but there was a nice breeze.


Only two persons in front of us and very few cars on the bridge.  No problem passing through Mexican customs as no one was there.  The dental clinic is right next to the customs building, Dr. De La Rosa Saenz had given me good directions and we found his clinic easily.  We went in and the staff checked me right in.  They called Dr Colon and I took a seat.


Notice the diplomas and training certificates on the walls.  The waiting room was comfortable.  Bonnie left and went to get a manicure and pedicure ($17) just across the plaza.


While I waited I was given the standard paperwork to fill out and a bunch of medical questions to answer.  Right around 2:00pm my appointment time Dr. Colon came in and introduced himself.  He is from Acapulco, Mexico and comes up to help dentists during this busy winter season.  He went through this door.


A minute latter I was called into the room.  We discussed my missing filling and whether I wanted it repaired (bonded) or just go straight to having a crown put on.  One would be $60 and one the crown $200.  Since the crown required another trip I opted for the repair.  The repair actually was more work for him.  He was very professional and I was in the chair for a little over an hour.  No pain and he was very gentle.  I would say I was completely satisfied with my experience.  He spoke good english and had a good sense of humor.  Just like my dentist back in Attica.  I asked him if I could take his picture and here he is Dr. Colon.


Bonnie was waiting when I finished and we headed back to the USA.  Many more people headed across the bridge now as it was after 3pm and lots of cars backed up from the US Customs.


I had nothing to declare and Bonnie had a dress and a top.  But we got separated when I stopped at the bathroom.  When I came out Bonnie was not in sight.  I figured she had gone on to the car so thats where I went.  But she had stopped at the ladies room also.  So she waited for me for a while and then came to the car.  I thought maybe Customs had her.  I was about to go look for her when I spotted her coming.  At least the car was cooled down for her.

We went up the road to a place for her to shop as she had a coupon.  I dropped her off and took off for to pick up the sign.  I headed for the sign welding shop.  When I got there I found out the sign was at the old shop which is not the store.  So back to the store about 3 miles.  The sign was there but there is no stand on it, plus the second sign was painted black and it should be finished in brown like the other one.  So a couple phone calls and I took the signs back to the welding shop to have the stand welded on to it and to have the other one painted.  We will try to pick it up later this week.

We had heard about a good place to eat called Fat Daddy’s


So we pulled in there and decided to have the Mexican and BBQ buffet.  It looked pretty good but since it was almost 4pm the buffet was not real fresh.


There still was a good selection and the food was ok but maybe it is better to be there at lunch time when they are busier.  We will not be in a big hurry to go back.  We also heard that they had new owners so maybe thats part of it.

We drove back to the coach with the sun in our eyes and the traffic crazy but we made it safe and sound.  I scanned all of last months receipts into the computer and we watched a couple TV shows.  Now that I caught up on the blog I can relax for a few minutes before heading to bed.  No alarm tomorrow and nothing till after lunch when I am looking forward to horseshoes.


I was sleeping good when the landscape crew woke me up as the mowers approached our lot.  Then mow every Tuesday.  I drifted back to sleep and then the timing crew came by with their gas powered string trimmers.  Again I drifted back to sleep as they faded in the distant.  Then as the guys with the blowers approached I gave up and got up.  Of course it was about 9:45 by now.  To much ice tea yesterday and I was still not sleepy after midnight.  It was a nice sleeping night and we kept the windows open all night.

By the time I ate, had my coffee and read my email and blogs it was almost noon.  I went out and opened the grey tank so that Bonnie could do a few loads of wash today.  The Aladdin said they were at about 80%.

I grabbed a snack and some water and went over to board the horseshoe express.  We picked up Ken and headed over to the horseshoe pits.  We had another good turnout and had 6 teams.  We usually play 3 games and since we had even teams no one had to sit out at all.  We had a couple new folks stop by and say they would like to play on Friday so thats good.  We went over to Vick and Virginias for a quick drink and chat.

We headed back home about 4:15 as we had a potato bake party at 5:00pm.  We had a great turnout for that also.  The potatoes were huge and there was chili and a lot of toppings and then a sorbet for dessert.  Here is part of the outside group.  There were also lots of folks inside the clubhouse.

As the sun set we headed home.  I have acclimated to these warmer temperatures.  It was still in the 70s but I was chilly.

My grand daughter is turning into quite a photographer.  She has a good eye and knows what she likes and does not like.  Here is one of pictures that she told me I could share.


Well thats about it for tonight, I might have time for a quick movie and a little planning for our trip up to the rallies and Little Rock.


A beautiful day in the 70s today.  We slept in until a gas blower woke us up again today.  But today was a lazy day nothing scheduled until out group study at church tonight.  I did my group homework assignment and caught up on email.  Right after lunch I got a shower and took the trash out to the curb.

Then a movie and supper and soon we will leave for church.  Like I said a lazy day.

Thanks for Checking In!