Finally picked up the Sign


We got an email this morning that our signs were ready.  So after lunch we loaded up in the CRV and headed to Progresso to the sign store.  When we got there the signs were not there.  The girl made a quick call to the shop and they were about to bring the sign to the store for us.  In the mean time we looked around there are so many creative ideas here.



Before a truck pulled in and our signs were delivered.  Finally they are the way we wanted them.

Bonnie had read an article in the Sunday paper about the Moran family.  Grandpa Moran has made boots for over 40 years.  She has always wanted some handmade custom boots, which is exactly what they do.  So she got on her phone and found the name and address of the company.  Turns out we were within 2 miles of the place.  We found the store/factory.  Wow lots of boots.  She finally met one of the owners, the daughter of Grandpa Moran.  She worked with Bonnie and together they figured out the best boot for her.  They also picked out the actual Ostrich leather that would be used.  They call the color bone.



Then Grandpa came out and measured and traced Bonnie’s foot and made notes.


So in about four weeks we expect to pick up a nice pair of boots for Bonnie.

I have been needing a new brown belt so I picked out one and we headed toward home.


The other day when we were sitting around after horseshoes we were talking about good places to eat and one of the ones mentioned was The Ranch House in Mission.  So we decided to have Linner there on the way home.  Wow we loved the atmosphere and we really loved the food.  The hamburgers melted in your mouth and the loaded fries were fantastic.  My burger had avocados, jalapeños, sour creme and salsa on it.


I can’t remember everything that was on the fries.


When they bring out your food they ask what you would like on it.  Then they bring that out on a plate.


Bonnie already took her lettuce.  The portions were huge and we did not finish every thing.  There is so much on the menu that looked good I am sure we will be heading back again.  From there we headed home.  Tomorrow I will but up the sign.


The alarm went off and our day was underway.  We had breakfast and headed up to the Photo Club meeting.  Bert one of the members gave a very interesting talk on taking wildlife pictures.  He talked about the equipment and the process and showed several pictures from start to finish.  The 90 minutes went by in a flash.

Back at the coach house Bonnie and I took a few minutes and put our new sign up in front of the coach.


Bonnie had company when I went in and I had a snack and got ready for horseshoes.  Vance texted me and we hoped on his golf cart and headed for horseshoes.  We had 10 players today and we each got to throw three games.  My game was a little off today but I still had a great time.  Then we got together at Vick’s rig again and chatted for a while.  We talked about our Navy days and about his and Virginia’s trips to Alaska.  We had a good time and as the sunset and the temperatures dipped down into the low 60s we headed home.

Bonnie was frosting a cake when I got home and she made a salad for supper.  Then a relaxing evening.


Today was not only my 67th birthday but it was a beautiful day.  High 60’s, clear blue skies, and lots of sun.  I took it easy all day.  Bonnie baked me an eggless cake (my mothers recipe) to which she added cream cheese icing.  One of my favorite cakes.  I had a nice big piece for lunch.  Our neighbor and a new friend from Canada serenaded me from outside our coach window.  They came over later for a piece of cake.  I heard from a lot of friends on Facebook and a couple phone calls from friends.

This evening we went over to BPV and played card bingo for the first time.  I really enjoyed it.  So it was a great day and now I am watching the debate.  Thats it for today.


Up this morning and we headed to Palm Valley Church for the early service.  Pastor Rick started a new series this morning on The Cross.  Its turned into a beautiful day and after a stop at HEB for groceries we headed home.

I read on FB that the Border Patrol caught 8 or 9 illegals inside Retama Village.  I guess we slept through it as it happened between 6am and 8am this morning. No one worries about that stuff to much as the Border Patrol does a good job of watching over us.

Just chilling out today and getting ready to watch the Super Bowl so I will go ahead and post this.  I am pulling for the AFC Team Go Bronco’s

Thanks For Checking In!




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  1. Bob, so glad Bonnie is getting some handmade Texas boots! Ostrich is my fav too (very expensive, but I know she’s worth it!)
    Your new sign looks great!

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