Bye Bye Dish

Shrove Monday

A very nice day nice breeze and a bit overcast.  So it was nice and warm but not hot, perfect.  We took it easy most of the day, I even got a nap.  My back is bothering me a little and so I laid down and soon had to call it a nap.

Genealogy Club today was very informative today.  We had a presentation on old photos and how to tell from the process that was used on them how old they were.

We have made the decision that we are not going to be using our DISH satellite account anytime in the near future.  For now we are happy with HULU.  So I called DISH and canceled the account.  They do not make it easy, but after several transfers to new people they canceled my account.  They are sending a box for me to ship the receiver and remotes back to them.  So Bye Bye Dish Network.

Late this afternoon UPS brought a box of plastic containers.  Now to use them to organize some of my stuff.  Not much else to report on today.

Fat Tuesday

We slept this morning until the mowers and trimmers woke us this morning.  I managed to roll over and sleep a little while longer.  Bonnie actually was up before me.  Once I had breakfast and my coffee I called Passport America and renewed our account and updated our address.  The landscapers stopped out front and trimmed up our Palm Tree that was more like a bush.  Just starting.


Almost done.


Now we can see much better backing out onto the street.

Then it was time to to board the HorseShoe Express.  We picked up Ken and Keith on the way over to BPV for an afternoon of fun.  Turns out it was Keith’s first time to play and I drew him as a partner.  He did great, picked up the technique quickly.  We won two of our three games.  We chatted awhile afterwards and then headed home.

I was not feeling the best and laid down for a quick nap.  That helped a little but I am still not 100%, so thats it for now.

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent, the time leading up to Easter.  We slept in a little today as we did not have anything on our schedule for today.  After a lazy morning we decided that we would head to Walmart to pick up some RXs that I had called in and Bonnie had a few things she wanted to pickup.

From there we went back to the Ranch house to have supper.  Bonnie got a regular burger and I ordered Catfish.  The waitress came back with a menu never a good sign.  The kitchen was out of Catfish.  So I ordered the chicken fried steak.  The portions here are huge, not shown in this picture is the bowl of mashed potatoes and bowl of corn.


Needless to say I did not eat but maybe half of all the food they brought.  No togo box tonight.

We went from supper over to Palm Valley Church.  We did not have our study group tonight but we did have a special Ash Wednesday Service.  It was great to see the church full on a Wednesday Night over 2000 in attendance.  The service was great and we left inspired.

Back to the coach.  Now that I have the blog updated I will go ahead and post this.

Thanks For Checking In!