Cookies for Cops


Bonnie was up early today to make some Cookies for Cops.  Its a nice gesture the Village does for the local PD and the Border Patrol.  She had it all done when I got up a little later.  Here is a picture of what Retama Ladies put together.


Its another beautiful day here and we are headed East to have lunch with Bill and Kris.

We met Bill and Kris at an Italian Restaurant in Weslaco called Cortino’s.  Its a small place, family run, and opens for lunch closes and then opens for Dinner.  I think we all enjoyed our meals and I am sure we enjoyed the conversation.  Bill and Kris are leaving the area next week so we said our see you laters, hopefully we will see them on down the road before too awfully long.

We did a little exploring on the way home plus we filled up the gas tank for $1.49 a gallon.  We did find another restaurant we want to try before we leave that is right down on the river called The Riverside.

Beautiful today in the 80s, a nice breeze here at Retama so it does not feel that bad.  Thankfully it will cool down nicely tonight.


What a great fun day.  We got up with the alarm this morning and it was sunny and warming up already.  After breakfast we headed up to Photo Club.  Roger lead the meeting and we shared photos that each of us had taken.


There were a lot of really nice pictures shared and commented on.  I have also been consulting with Roger.  Helping him upgrade his MAC to a Solid State Drive (SSD).  He has gotten the SSD and cloned it to his current hard drive.  I will lend him some tools and he can swap out the drives soon.

After the meeting we picked up the mail and headed back to the coach.  Time to dump the tanks.  This is the “Wet Bay”  all the tanks and water distribution in behind this panel and the bay is heated in cold weather.


Its been just over 14 days since we dumped the black tank, so thats really good. Of course I use the bathroom in the coach house almost all the time.

Then it was time to board the Horseshoe Express for a fun afternoon.  Here is a picture of the Horseshoe Express just after we arrived at the pits.


We drew for partners and I drew Russ.  Today is his last day as they are leaving here on Monday.  He is from New England and they will slowly make their way up North.  We had 12 show up today and even some spectators.  We play three games normally and after each game the pits get raked and smoothed out.IMG_4098

Russ and I had an off day but we did manage to win the final game which is nice for Russ as he is leaving.  It was a hot day but with a nice breeze.  Afterwards we headed down to the Rio Grande and the Palapa. Vance, Allan and I were in the Horseshoe Express.  About halfway there it acted like we ran out of fuel.  After a couple minutes it started again and was fine after that.  We had a few snacks and drinks and enjoyed the day.


Vic and Virginia were the organizers and Vic had even come down earlier and cleaned the tables.  While we were sitting there one of the Texas State Troopers boats went by.  I missed the picture.  But it appears they usually patrol with two boats with a few minutes in between their passings.  Here comes another.


Just a low hum as they went by with all 3 engines in harmony.  Then a few minutes later a small boat with three Mexican fishermen.


I wonder how many times they were stopped today.  We headed back to the village as I had a party to get to and Vance had a Valentines Dance to get ready for.  He dropped me off at the clubhouse.  I found Bonnie and sat down to enjoy the “Canada Eh” party.


Provided by all our Canadian neighbors that are here for the winter.  We played trivia and I won a prize.  I picked some peanut butter made by Kraft but in Canada.  On the way back from picking my prize I saw Roger and asked him if he got the email that I found my tool kit for working on the MAC.  He said he did and had picked it up from Bonnie.  He already swapped out the drives and its all working.


The patio was decorated nicely and we had a really nice time.


The Canadian Couple at our table were from the Toronto area and he was a retired Ontario Provincial Police Sgt.  We also had a couple retired federal employees that spend their summers in Alaska.  So we got to know them all a little and enjoyed the evening.  The Canadian desserts and candy were amazing, especially the Butter Tarts.  We had a full day but lots of good times.  Here is what our weather is like almost every day now.



Woke up to a beautiful day here, while our friends and family in WNY are having sub-zero temperatures and snow.  We are headed to the low 80’s today.

We just took it easy all day today.  Bonnie fixed chicken and rice for supper in the Instant Pot and it came out really good.  I finished eating and got ready to board the Card Bingo Express.  We boarded around 6:30PM and headed over to BPV for a fun evening.  We were home before 9:00PM and in time to watch the Republican Debate.


Happy Valentines Day!  Today was a little hot, at least in the coach.  It got up to 84 and was nice and sunny.  Thankfully we had a nice breeze.  This morning we heard from some friends and family up in Buffalo it had cooled of there down to -22.  Here it was much nicer.


Church was great again today and it was a real blessing to be there.  After church we headed to HEB to pick up some groceries.  Bonnie picked up salmon for lunch and fixed it as soon as we got home.  It sure was good.  She also had some stuffed croissants for dessert.

We missed the NASCAR Sprint Unlimited race last night, but today we were able to watch most of the qualifying.  It was fun to see Jeff Gordon in the broadcast booth while Trace Elliot qualified the 24 car on the Pole for the Daytona 500.  After that we watched a movie and took it easy.  Now the sun is setting and it is cooling off nicely.

Well thats about it for this week.  Thanks For Checking In!