Sun, Sun, Sun


Another wonderful sunny day, we got up to 90 today, wow and its February.  Thats hot even for the Rio Grande Valley.  As a matter of fact some spots broke records today.  Its to stay sunny and quite warm for a while.  We did relent and turned on the AC today and stayed inside after noon.

But I was up and off to Genealogy this morning.  We had a ninety minute presentation by the other Bob in the class today.  The class was on using DNA in genealogy.  I am sure you have seen the ads on TV about sending your DNA to Ancestry to be analyzed.  Bob’s top was very interesting and has done a lot of work with his DNA.  He had always been told he was from Germany and has a German name.  But his DNA kept saying England.  After much work and trying to prove he was German he discovered that a Great Grandmother had changed the family name from Rose to Kline.  DNA does not lie, he is mostly English.  So I really enjoyed his talk.

After that we turned on the AC and stayed in out of the sun and heat.  Then I took our pork up the the clubhouse and grilled it for dinner.


It does not take long up there and its easy to clean up.  Bonnie made coleslaw while I was gone and she had done potatoes earlier in the instant pot.  Then we settled into watch the Grammies.  Some time after 9pm it cooled down into the 70s and we opened the windows and turned on the fans for a while.  It should get down in the low 60s overnight so it should be good sleeping weather.


For some reason I got up earlier than normal today.  Maybe the reason was that I had wanted to attend the presentation today by I was hoping that they carried some products I have been interested in.  Good news they did.  They had the Wash Wax All system kits cheaper than I could find them anywhere else.  So I came home with one.  Its a waterless wash and wax system for the coach and car.

It was damp and foggy last night and this morning some of the early walkers came upon this Javelina.


It is native to the Americas and is also called a Peccary or Skunk Pig.  Anyway they are pest.  I think it eventually found a way out of the village and is gone.

After lunch I headed over for horseshoes.  It was sunny and in the 80s, again thankful that we had a slight breeze.  We had 11 people show up today and 3 were women.  One had never played before and she threw a couple ringers and they all did really good.  I drew Virginia when we drew cards, she is really good. Today we were both doing very well and won all four games that we played.  Everyone had a good time and we enjoy and encourage each other to do well.

It was almost 90 when I got home and it was nice to get into the AC in the coach. Bonnie did a couple loads of wash today and read.  We had left over chicken and rice for supper, very good.  Another good day in the books.


Another Sunny hot day.  I did see this and thought it was a good idea.


We did resist using the AC until about 1pm but then there was not much of a breeze so we fired it up.  Much nicer in here now.

Since it was hot we have not done much.  We did talk about going to the pool but that did not happen, Bonnie is doing wash so we like to be around when that is running.  I worked on Genealogy on line and found some information on my Maternal Great Grandparents so added that to my tree.  That and a nap pretty much filled out the afternoon.

This evening we have out study at church so will be leaving for that just as the weather starts to cool down.  Well we are heading to church so I will post this so I don’t forget.

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