More Sun


What can I say.  The average temperatures have been running about 10 degrees above normal for this area.  Today there was a nice breeze most of the day and we did not need to run the AC.  It got a little hot in here for about an hour before the temperature started to drop.

I only left the coach once today and that was to go out to the coach house for a few minutes.  Bonnie had a massage appointment so she left in the car for that.  I think this is the first she has driven since we got here.  She said that the massage was really nice and she has another scheduled for next week.

UPS delivered the box today to return my Dish equipment.


So I gathered up the remotes and the Joey and packed them up while Bonnie was gone.

IMG_4130 (1)


So hopefully UPS will pick it up tomorrow when they deliver an Amazon shipment.  Well its cooling off nicely tonight and we are watching NASCAR, the Dual 150’s.  Dale Earnhart won the first one and the second is about to begin.


Hate to say it but we woke up to another beautiful sunny day, high for today was 88 and there was a nice breeze again.  We were up and headed to the club house for the Photo Club Meeting at 10AM.  Today we discussed composition and watched a nice video on it.  We also shared some members photos.  After that we headed back to the coach for an hour.

Bonnie cut my hair and then she sat out in the shade to read.  No AC again today since the humidity is pretty low.  I got ready and boarded the Horseshoe Express after putting the DISH box of equipment outside for UPS to pick up.  Sure enough UPS picked up the Box and dropped off a box from Amazon with some Tri-Flow Lubricant in it.


I will use it to lube the slide locks and also the steps.  Its a dry lube, no oil, so it does not attract dirt.

We had a good turn out at horseshoes again today 13 people showed up.  Then afterwards we visited at Vic and Virginias rig for an hour or so.  Bonnie had supper ready when I got back.  I did walk up and picked up our mail shipment from Americas Mailbox.


We got a good sized box and hopefully all the info that we need to get the taxes done is in it.  It was pretty hot in the rig but the temperature is dropping so it should be good to sleep later.  We watched TV for a while then I did the dishes and got a shower.  Now to relax and watch some programs.


Well it was overcast and not very bright out at 8:30 this morning when the neighbors saw woke us up this morning.  Bonnie shut the window and I managed another 30 minutes or so of sleep.  Then I gave up and got up.  Nothing scheduled until later tonight and thats Card Bingo.

I did go through the mail and organized the Tax information some, I put it on my schedule tentatively for Monday.  I will set up on the table out in the coach house to work on the tax return.  I think I am missing at least one report that I need but sent off an email requesting it.

We watched a little TV and then I put iHeart Radio and laid down on the couch and was out in a jiffy.  A while later I woke up when Bonnie answered the door.  It was our neighbor and Bonnie invited him in.  It was time for me to wake up anyway.  So we had a nice long chat and eventually his wife came over also.

By the time we finished chatting we had 12 minutes to get ready and leave for Card Bingo.  Since I was riding with her, we both had to hurry.  I changed and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  However I did forget to shave.  But we made it almost on time.  We picked up another couple and headed for BPV.  Then the golf cart stalled out again on us, just like it did a week ago.  But it started up again and we made it.  We had a good time but none of us won.  We all did get to stand up.  You stand up when you are down to one card.

The ride home was without incident and the golf card ran fine.  Its a bit warm and humid tonight so we are leaving the AC on tonight.  Also it is to be 88 tomorrow.  Cooler weather is in sight.


Well another lazy day for me.  I did not feel good this morning but am felling good now.  We got up and headed for church.  The folks we normally sit next to are head back home this week to Montana.  Bonnie shopped at HEB on the way home and then fixed some Buffalo Chicken Wing dip for lunch.  I laid down on the coach and tried to nap.

Then we tuned in the Daytona 500 race and watched Danny Hamlin win the closest race ever, at least for the Daytona 500.  I napped off and on the rest of the day.  Vick and Vance stopped by to see if I could play horseshoes earlier on Tuesday since it is to be in the mid 90s on Tuesday.  Fortunately it was a bit cloudy today and only got up into the 80s but its pretty humid.

I also had a couple nice long FaceTime calls with my GD Reagan in Alabama.  I checked on my sons flights as he is traveling to Washington DC and a friend from Buffalo flew to Florida.  They both had good flights and made it safely.

Well thats about it for this week.  Thanks For Checking In!