Tax Time


Overcast this morning but then it cleared up and got up into the mid 80s.  I was up early as the workmen started just after 7am next door working on their shed.  Then I headed up to the club house for the Geology meeting at 10am.  We had a nice talk on writing a family history book.  Bert gave the talk about the book he helped his mother self publish.  She did it when she was 90.  It was great that she was there today along with another son and daughter-in-law.

Well the sun came out after lunch so we fired up the AC.  I moved my records, scanner, and printer out to the coach house.  Time to get serious and get my taxes done.  So I worked on them for a few hours and took a break for supper.


The news says we will be up to 95 tomorrow and break some records, then it will get nice and cool for a few days.

We had left overs for supper and watched the news.  Then I went out to work some more on the taxes.  Finished the Federal return then got frustrated with the NY one trying to divide up the partial year stuff.  Now to relax for a while before bed.


The alarm woke me this morning and I got up to a nice warm humid morning.  I had breakfast and got ready to head to horseshoes.  We had decided to play early before it got hot.  I closed the vents and windows and turned on the AC before I left.  We had the best turnout ever.  We had all 4 courts full and playing at the the same time.  It was nice and breezy but it still was hot.  We relaxed at Vick and Virginias for an hour or so afterwards and then headed home.

The temperature climbed to 94 here by around 4pm but then the wind sifted and came out of the north. At 9 it was down to 70.  We are to have 4 days in the 70s now that will be nice.

Last night I was getting an error on my NY tax return.  I called Turbo Tax today and got no where.  The first level person transferred me after 15 minutes to the next level.  I was on hold 30 minutes when I hung up.  I did some searching on line and found a solution.  I backed up my data, deleted the NY return and then opened a new one.  It only took about 15 minutes to reenter and adjust the data. Then I was able to file both returns.  Now I just have to wait and watch for the refunds.

Lots of that North wind tonight but it is dry and cool should be good sleeping weather.  Tomorrow is another early morning for me.  I am a sub for bowling tomorrow.  Time to grab a shower and get some shuteye.


I was up at the crack of dawn today, well 7:00am.  We left for the bowling alley at 8:15.  We rode in Clints HD Ford dually crewcab. Nice truck.  It did not take long to get to the lanes.  I got my shoes and found a ball I could use.  The first game was pretty rough.  I had to relearn how to bowl.  No strikes or spares until the 10th frame.  Then 2 strikes and 9 pins to finish with a 91.  The second game was more comfortable some strikes and spares and I ended up with a 121.  I was tired for the third game but still managed a 115.  Not bad for the first time in 20 or so years.  Guess I will get a nap this afternoon and then off to church this evening.

Well I got my nap for a couple hours.  It has been beautiful here today 70 and sunny.  After my nap I scanned all the supporting documentation for the taxes and saved it.  Then we had supper and headed for church.

Back at the coach it is nice and cool and after I get this posted I can get a good nights sleep.

Thanks For Checking In!