Beautiful Weather


Since the hot day on Tuesday we have had beautiful weather in the 70s.  No alarm today for the first time since last Saturday.  So we slept in until around 9:30 when I got up.  A bird on the roof had actually woke me earlier but I rolled over and fell back to sleep.  It was down into the 50s last night but no heat was needed and no AC since Tuesdays Hi.

We caught up on some TV for a while and then I went out to work in the coach house.  But first the toilet was burping at us.  Thats our clue that the tank is getting full.  We could go a couple more days but I went out and dumped the black tank and flushed it out.  I also closed the grey tank and will leave it closed until Bonnie does the wash.  Then I worked on scanning receipts and some paperwork I had wanted to keep.  Then I shredded that stuff. The shredder I bought second hand here in the village works great.  Next project was labels.  I made up some return address labels and printed them also some with our phone numbers to stick on the back of the address cards we give to people we meet that we want to keep in touch with.  Call them RV Calling Cards.  Calling Cards have an interesting history, especially in the Navy.  Google it if your interested.

I came into the coach just as Bonnie was leaving for her massage.  I watched a little TV and did some organizing in my data files.  Bonnie shopped after her massage so it was 7pm by the time we ate.  I was expecting her to bring back a Subway Tuna sub.  But she did not see a Subway so she brought a salad.

It has cooled off nicely tonight.  We actually discussed how much we like it here. The weather is great, very few storms, tornados, or hurricanes.  Sure it gets hot during the day in the summer but it usually cools off at night and humidity is not bad.  Guess we will have to put this on our list of possible places to live.  There is a lot to see and do in the area and there are some really good medical facilities here.  Time will tell.


I had a rough night, not sleeping well.  Seems that the tight narrow shoes at bowling aggravated either the arthritis in my big toe or I have the beginning of a bunion.  The pain woke me up several times.  I used Bio Freeze and Aspercreme but did not get much relief.  I even tried a bag of frozen peas on it.  Finally took a couple ibuprofen.  I felt good enough to go to horseshoes.  I put my self in the injured reserve status.  I told Vic I would sit out unless they needed me to complete a team.  I was the 13th player so I sat out.  I sure that was the best thing for my toe.  Put I did get a few photos to share.





The first two pictures above are Virginia and Vic they keep us organized and its their site that we usually gather at after we throw.  I thought I would try to post a video, so here is a short one.

Here is where we gather afterwards


The weather was great and I enjoyed watching and everyone had a really great time.  Afterward we went over to Vic and Virginias and had a good time sharing stories.  It was quite cool when we came home and almost dark.  Bonnie warmed up beef stew for supper and I relaxed.  The toe is still sore so not sure what I will try tonight.


Ahh Saturday morning.  My toe is still very sore but I slept much better last night. I am icing it down again this morning.  I am showered and waiting for Bonnie to get ready to leave.  She got a call the other day that her boots are ready so we will be headed over to pick them up.  Maybe a couple other stops also, depends on my foot and if I am able to walk a little.  We have some clouds today and a breeze, still very pleasant.

I guess it was around noon when we left to head over to Weslaco and Moran’s Boots to pick up Bonnie’s custom made boots.


Here is Bonnie trying to get them on for the first time.  They were tight to get on but she said they felt good once she got them all the way on.


Elizabeth wanted a belt for Dana so we face timed her and were able to find a belt eventually.


I was impressed by the snake skins up on the walls.  I think this one below the railing was the biggest one.  They have a lot of exotic leathers here.  Bonnie’s boots were made from Ostrich leather.


Afte we left Moran’s we drove over to Harlingen to visit the Marine Military Academy to see the Iwo Jima Memorial.


This is the clay model that the monument in Washing DC was made from.


The detail on it is amazing.


Also on the grounds is WWII museum and we went over and visited it for a while also.  Outside are a couple war relics and this one from the Iraq War.


This is:


After this we drove over to see if we could find some friends from NY that are staying at Sunshine RV Resort, but I think they are on a cruise.  The gate was closed and their phone went to voice mail, so we started back to Mission.

We were hungry and the guys at horseshoes had told me that Original Willies BBQ in Alamo was good so we decided to stop.


I am not much a beef eater but I ordered the brisket and sausage with cole slaw, corn on the cob, and macaronis salad.  The brisket was so tender and almost tasted like candy it was so good.  The sides were all home made and were delicious.  Bonnie had ribs, potato salad, cole slaw, and mac and cheese also delicious.  A good size portion, it was all I could do to finish mine.


Leaving there we were on the hunt for the Avenue store so Bonnie could buy a couple cool tops.  We finally found it after using Yelp to find their phone number and calling to get directions.  Once again since it is Saturday the parking lots and stores were very full.  Finally we are headed for home.

We checked the mail as our SD vehicle registrations should be here any day now, but not today.  Then I downloaded the photos and caught up on email.  Then a quick 45 minute nap before we headed to Card Bingo.  I did not win but Ken in our group won one of the dollar pots so that was good.  We headed back to the coach and Ann came over to see Bonnie’s boots.  We visited for a while and then headed for bed about 1AM.  I think I over did it as my foot actually my big toe is all red and very sore.


The alarm went off and I got up and could hardly walk so decided I needed a day without wearing any shoes.  So we decided to stay home from church and I laid back down for a couple hours.  When we got up we listened to last weeks Podcast from our previous church in NY Crossroads Christian Church, Pastor Pat is preaching a series on the Lords Prayer.

We then tuned in the NASCAR race from Atlanta and just took it easy.  My toe is still really sore.


Nice to see Jimmy Johnson win again.  So I managed to keep my foot up for most of the day and not wear shoes.  We now think it may be a gout flair up which is a form of arthritis.  So we are treating it the same way a Dr would.  If it gets worse I will see a Dr and maybe get a shot.

Watching the Oscars now so I will post this.  Thanks For Checking In!




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