Leap Year 2016


I sent an email last night letting the Genealogy Group leader know I would not be making the trip to the cemetery today.  They were going to help the Find A Grave Organization.  People request pictures of graves and volunteers take pictures of them and post them.  My toe and foot were just not ready to hike around the cemetery and I was really looking forward to the field trip.  So I behaved and rested my foot all day.

We are still having great weather although it warming up a little more that we really like during the day up to 85 today and in the 90s later in the week.  Thankfully it cools off nicely at night 71 now at 9pm.

Today is February 29th and this is a leap year.  We did have at least one person in the village that has a birthday today.  Plus we had a Leap Year Party to attend up at the Club House.  They say it is the best attended event ever in the history of Retama Village.  The weather was already cooling down at 5pm when it started and we have a breeze and low humidity.  We headed up around 4:30 to get a good seat, people show up early here.  We sat at an empty table but were soon joined by a couple for Illinois that now owns a house here.  Then two other couples joined us.

It was not long before we were called to vittles.  They said possum was the meat but it tasted a lot like pork.  We also had beans and coleslaw, it was all good.  Then we had a little lesson on the history of leap year which was interesting.  Then the real fun began as Ma and Pa were going to marry off their five daughters.


Then they turned them loose to round up the husbands to be.


Each of the girls caught their man and dragged them up front.  Then while they changed into their wedding attire we were entertained by the Line Dancers.


Next Minnie Pearl introduced the Grooms.  One had just got out of Jail.


Finally it was time for the brides procession.



Then once all up front the Preacher pronounced them husband and wife.


Lots of laughter and smiles everyone had a really good time.  Then we were entertained by Johnny Ray Gomez  www.johnnyraygomez.com .  A comic entertainer that plays the electronic accordion.  It was starting to cool down so we left about halfway through when they had the 50/50 drawing.  With the cool overnight temps it should be a good night to sleep.  I hope my foot continues to improve overnight and feels better tomorrow.


The night cooled down nicely and we slept good.  My toe and foot are improving each day.  I can bend the toe now but my ankle is pretty sore.  After icing it and elevating it I almost felt good enough to go to horseshoes.  Then I figured it would just aggravate it so I texted Vance and told him I was taking the day off.  I am hopeful I will be able to go on Friday.

So I paid the bills for the first of the month and downloaded the bank statements and balance the books.  Then a little TV and then read for a while.  Bonnie made supper, homemade soup, very good.  It was hot today up to 91, of course we ran the AC.  We turned it on early today to cover up the noise from the saws and impact drivers.

Andy the owner of the lot and his handy men are redoing the shed on the back of the coach house.  They are making it higher inside and putting double doors on it.  Lots of work going on.


That way the next renters will be able to park their golf cart in it when they are away in the summer.  They don’t make that much noise but they do start early.  Monday it was a little after 6am and today I did not hear them until after 8.  We are night owls these days and stay up till after midnight so we enjoy sleeping in and waking up naturally.  Oh well it should be over in the next couple of days and it will be nice for the new renters, who happen to be our neighbors and they are a great couple.

It has cooled off into the 70s so we have the windows open and the AC off, a front is to go through tonight and it may rain a little.


Much hotter today than I thought it would be, should have run the AC.  We will tomorrow as it is to get even warmer.  Not much of a breeze today either.  I took it easy and tried to stay off my much improved foot.  I can bend my toe pretty freely now.  I am planning on putting my shoes on and heading to church tonight.  The work continued on the new shed on the coach house today starting just after 7am.  They work long hours and are still here as it approaches 6pm.

Not much else to report on today so I will post this early before I head to supper on the way to church.

Thanks For Checking In!