Another Hot Spell


Forecast for today is sunny and 99.

The workers started on the shed this morning just before 7am it looks like it will be a hot one today.  We closed the windows and Bonnie turned on the fan.  That must have worked because I slept until 10:30.  My foot is better yet today and hopefully will be back to normal soon.  Andy the owner of our lot was here today trying to help Frank and his crew.  He was busy sealing up the joints along the bottom of the shed.



His goal is to keep out the insects and rodents.  It looks pretty sealed up to me.  They use hardy board to seal it up and then the boards to make it look like all the other sheds.


So if they are able to work in the heat today they should be done in a couple days.  Bonnie was doing the wash and we were running both ACs when the power went out.  I turned off the back AC unit and went out and reset the breaker.  I turned on our Aladdin unit so I could monitor the power.  We were pulling only around 20 amps per leg after I turned the back AC back on.  We were good for a couple hours then it kicked off again.  The breaker outside was quite hot and I had to let it cool for 5 minutes or so before it would stay on.  I left the rear air off as the wash was still going and turned off the aqua hot that heats our water.  I am hoping its just a weak breaker and I can get it replaced.

So far we have been fine the rest of the afternoon and it looks like the hottest part of the day has passed.


Hopefully it will cool off when the sun goes down but I think we will have to run the air all night tonight.  This is hot for this time of the year as it should be in the 70s and sunny during the day which would be perfect for us.  Still quite warm at bed time so we left the AC on for the night.


Well it was in the 60s when we got up for Photo Club this morning so opened the windows.  Forecast was for 80 but some say 87, so I will wait and see.  At least the humidity is on 40% so that helps.  Now we need a good breeze.

We walked down to photo club and today we watched another educational video.  Then we discussed it and talked about what we learned.  The last thing we did was to share some photos.  Here are a few Bonnie shared from her travels in Africa.




Then on the way back to the coach we really started to notice a lot of the flowers and bushes blooming by the ends of the driveways.


Just after noon and its 81 and bright sun, we turned on the AC.  Its usually the hottest around here at about 4pm.  I emailed Americas Mailbox and it appears that my new vehicle registration went there so I ordered a mail shipment.  Time for a movie.  So I did a little research and it seems we are getting new plates from SD as they changed the design in 2016.  So we are also getting new numbers it looks like our plates will begin with GO2-111 so that will be cool.

Speaking of cool the night has cooled off rapidly once the sun set, so we were able to open the windows and it should be a good night for sleeping.  The shed crew was not here today so hopefully they will not show up early tomorrow.  It looks mostly done except for the doors and staining.

I watched a movie “The Way Back” based on a true story of men that escaped from Siberia and walked 4000 miles to India.  Not much on TV tonight so maybe some reading or another movie.


The alarm went off at 7:30am this morning, I got to stay in bed and Bonnie got up and set up for the Retama wide yard sales.  Lots of people had tables set up in their driveways.  Bonnie had a few things to sell and faithfully sat out there until  she sold everything she had to sell.


Unfortunately she was trying to sell a small electric blower for the neighbors but it was the only thing that did not sell.

I was catching up on American Idol when Vance came by with the golf cart and asked me if I wanted to ride around and see what was still for sale.  He said he heard people at his other neighbor at 6:30 this morning, the sale was supposed to start at 8:00am.  So he had an early morning also.  He had been next door to BPV and had coffee and donuts.  Unfortunately for me he only brought one back and had eaten most of it.


So we rode around and visited with a few people.  I did meet Sonny, they own one of the other Beavers in the park.  They just bought it and have not had it on a trip yet.  Then we stopped to visit David and Judy.  Bonnie and I first met them at the Escapees Bootcamp in Elkhart.  We also got to meet their pets a forget their puppies name but their Parrot is Waldo.  Here are the two sides of Waldo.  The right.


And the left.


Waldo is 8, but he was shy today and did not want to talk to me.  We ended up visiting for a couple hours and had a good time catching up.  The yard sales were over by the time we headed home.

There was a nice breeze but it was still pretty humid and a bit uncomfortable but we did not turn the air on.  We watched a movie called Noah.  The basic story was there but they sure added a lot to it.

I did get a quick nap and then Bonnie fixed supper.  Time to leave for Card Bingo.  There were only about 34 people tonight but we still had a good time.  I did not come close to winning again, but still enjoyed it.  I got a much needed shower when I got home and it sure felt good.  Now relaxing catching up on this and maybe watch a little TV.  Here a few shots someone in the park took of the Mounted Border Patrol out on the levee by the river.



We feel and are very well protected here.


I was awake before the alarm this morning, the birds in the tree outside the window woke me.  I rolled over and dozed until the alarm went off.  Then we off to church.  Its easy to see that lots of Winter Texans have already headed home, lots of empty seats in the service this morning.


Pastor Rick continued his series on the Cross.

On the way home we drove by a house my daughter saw on line and was interested in.  It looks nice and is in a nice neighborhood and its right on the route we take to church.  Once we got home I picked up the mail and Bonnie mixed up a dump cake and put it in the oven.  We are going to a get together later today for our small group meeting.  Its to be 86 later today so we turned on the AC.  Time now to watch part of the race before we leave.

The get together was nice, lots of people showed up maybe 50 or more.  Lots of food and good fellowship.  We were at the home of Dr. David Hernandez and his wife Juana.  They have a lovely home and fit us all in nicely.




Everything was so good and plentiful.  Bonnie’s dump cake was a big hit and she gave out several recipes.  We were home before dark and just as Brad Keslowski won the race in Las Vegas.  Now for our evening of Madame Secretary and Downton Abbey.

Thanks For Checking In!