Storm Coming


No workers this morning when I got up.  I did not sleep very good.  I tried to go the night without ibuprofen but pain in my foot woke me a time or two.  Plus the noise from the wind work me a time or three.  The alarm went off at 8:30 and I got up and got ready to head up to the Genealogy meeting.  We had a good turnout today and spent the day working on entering the pictures they took last week at the cemetery into find a grave.  People from around the country had requested pictures of their ancestors graves.  There were 20 some requested and the group found all but a few of them.  I did not go last week so had not pictures.  But I found someone had uploaded my parents graves and I sent her an email to allow me to take over management of the entries for my parents and she transferred them to me.  So I was able to add more info.  I also started a page for my Mother-In-Law.

When I got back there were 3 cars and trucks in the site from the workers who were trying to finish up the shed today.  When they left for a short lunch I went out and moved the car and snapped a couple pictures, lots of tools.




There was not a lot of noise, we did have the AC running, then must have been staining the wood.  At the end of the day about all I saw was more stained wood and the Door frames were hung and adjusted.  It really does look very nice.  Maybe they will finish tomorrow.  Then they want to do some work on the coach house.  Caulking and add a board around the bottom.

We took it easy this afternoon.  The wind is fierce today up to 50mph they say.  A Storm front is to pass through here tomorrow and bring more wind and rain.  We have not seen but one day of drizzle this winter and a few drops Saturday.  Bonnie’s massage was canceled as the front door of the massage place was ripped off the hinges by the wind today.  So she will reschedule.

My foot is feeling pretty good so I am hoping to play horseshoes tomorrow.  Thats about it for tonight.


Frank and his crew showed up at 6:55am this morning.  We closed the windows and turned the fan on.  I managed to sleep until 8:30 when my alarm woke me.  Time to get ready for horseshoes.  Lots of cutting and work going on outside.  They finished up the doors on the shed and put hardee board around the bottom of the the coach house.  This should make a good seal and keep out the bugs and mice.


They were doing a nice job.  We had 4 teams at horseshoes so no-one had to sit out.  We played 3 games and had a pretty good day.  My partner was Virginia.  She is a good player and throws a lot of ringers.  Can you see the horseshoe in the air.


We headed home after our 3 games as Vance was heading to a movie this afternoon.  Our buddy Ken has come down with Shingles and was not able to play today, sure hope he gets well soon.  My foot and toe held up well and so far is not sore.

We are under a severe storm watch until 2am in the morning and perhaps more bad weather tomorrow.  So far the storms have been to the West of us as they come up from Mexico to the South.


So far no storms or even rain here, its 10:20 now.  I will stay up a while and keep an eye on the weather.


Well the storms made it here last night.  Right around midnight we got a few minutes of hail and then it rained hard for a few minutes.  Then I fell asleep.  The rain woke me up again at 5:30am.  After a trip to the head I climbed back into bed and then it was almost 10:00.  The rain had stopped and things were drying up.

Then around noon it started to rain again and pretty much rained the rest of the day.  I did take out the garbage tote but pretty much stayed in the rest of the day. I got a couple of the small totes and started sorting my cables.  I made some good progress but still have a ways to go.  I also checked in the new shed on the back of the coach house.  It seems to have a leak in the roof.




I sent these pictures to Andy the lot owner so he can get it fixed.

Then we decided to head out for dinner.  We had not had Chinese for a while and picked a place that had good reviews on Yelp “DAI TUNG”.  We must have hit them on an off night.  I seldom complain about restaurants  but this was the worst service and meal we ever had.  Bonnie asked for ice water and lemon.  I asked for plain water.  She brought me water no ice with a lime.  Bonnie got plain ice water.  So I asked for hot tea, she said they had just made fresh.  Ten minutes later a man told me he was heating water to make tea.  Half way through the meal he brought tea, I refused it.  Bonnie’s beef broccoli was missing some spice and was not very good.  My General Chows chicken (yes that how they spelled it) was not bad but I had to ask for napkins and a plate.  Then I asked for a to go box and the bill.  The waitress came out with a box and put it on another table and told us it would be a minute for the bill.  Ten minutes later we got the box from the other table and went up to the register with out a bill.  She finally appeared with the bill.  The other thing was they had a cart that they wheeled the food out on but it was the same cart they used to take in the dirty dishes.  Needless to say we will not go back.  I must also sadly say this is the first time I did not leave a tip.

Well its still raining and looks like it will most of the night.  I want to get this posted and relax a little.

Thanks For Checking In!