Drying Out


I think it rained most of last night but things were drying out by the time we got up this morning.  I even went out and used the Dry Wash on part of the Honda.  Today turned out to be pretty nice, not too hot not too sunny.  I put the awnings outThen this evening around news time it rained again.  Several storm cells came through and it cooled down into the low 60s again.  Should be good sleeping temps again.

So we have been Full Time now for 132 days and here in Retama Village for 99 days.  We plan to leave here in about 20 days to begin this years travels.

Nothing on the agenda for today so I worked on some travel planning for the summer.  We did get a mail shipment today and that brought our new plates for the Coach and the car.  I find our new numbers quite interesting as they speak to our new way of life.


Also in the package was our new Passport America Cards.


Passport America is a great program and has saved us a lot on campground fees. Thats about it from here for today.


Good sleeping last night I even turned on my mattress pad early this morning to warm up a little.  The alarm went off at 8:30, I smelled the fresh brewed coffee and was looking forward to horseshoes.  Oops its Friday and it’s our last Photo club meeting.  So I woke Bonnie and after breakfast we headed up to the club house.  We had a good final meeting and enjoyed looking at the images others shared.

After photo club we headed over to the model home to meet Bill the sales guy.  We asked a ton of questions about Retama and he answered them all and gave us some information to read.  We looked at the model and also toured an owners 3 bedroom home.  So Retama is still on our list as a place to eventually live but it is just too early to make that kind of decision.

Back at the coach I did some scanning and then broke out the tools.  All I really had to do was to take off the old license plates off the car and coach and put on the new.  Of course that took two different size wrenches and a phillips screwdriver.  Seems every plate had a different size or type of fastener.

We pretty much relaxed the rest of the evening another cool evening.


Great sleeping weather overnight and we made the best of it and slept in, really late.  It was still cool when I got up and I opened the windows and turned the fans on.  It was fine until after noon and then we switched to the AC.  Clear Blue skies and lots of sun make for a hot coach.  We did not do much just tried to keep cool.  I worked on spreadsheets and Bonnie read.

Bonnie made hamburgers and coleslaw for supper, boy it sure was good.  I did the dishes after supper and changed.  Then it was time to leave for Card Bingo.  Ann picked me up and off we went.  Only about 25 people tonight but we sure had a good time and Ann won for the first time ever.  Unfortunately 2 others also yelled Bingo so they ended up splitting 25 nickels 3 ways.

It was cool enough to open the windows when we got home.  Decided to watch a movie and relax.  Turned what clocks I could ahead so I did not forget.


We were up and off to church this morning.  We sat with the Group from Retama as we usually do.  Jerrell Jobe one of the associate Pastors continued the series on the Cross.  He was very good and spoke on what the Romans did to Kings that they conquered.  Which is also how they Crucified Jesus.

Bonnie did some shopping at HEB and then we headed home.  The temperature was starting to climb.  We turned on the AC as soon as we got home.  We had a nice lunch and then a nap and then we watched racing.  The temperature continued to climb all the way to 97.  The AC keep the inside of the coach at 84 which is pretty warm but it was 13 degrees cooler than outside.

We had a nice FaceTime chat with my daughter and Dana and I think thats about the extent of what we did yesterday.

We have just over 2 weeks left here and then we head to Louisiana.

Thanks For Checking In!