Spring is Spinging


We broke records yesterday and today for high temperatures.  Only 94 today but we did get some clouds this afternoon which helps a lot with keeping the coach cool.  Its about 8pm and outside it is down to 79 so I am guessing we will open the windows later if the humidity is not to bad.

I was up this morning and headed up for the Genealogy meeting.  We have lots of plants blooming here, no idea what they are but they are.  The pictures that follow were just on the short walk to the club house.


It is quite beautiful around here.


Todays meeting was on using maps to track your Genealogy and see how your families migrated.


The rest of these are right outside the clubhouse.




So today was another hot day and we holed up in the coach the rest of the day.  I ordered some Rx refills and we will pick them up later this week.  Tonight Bonnie fixed sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot and meatloaf.  Then we topped that off with fruit salad that she had made earlier, she picked all the seeds out of the huge grapes she found at HEB.  It was very good.

I watched a good movie this afternoon called “A Matter of Faith”, a good family movie.  Now The Voice is on and that should about do it for today.


We were able to open the windows last night and it cooled off nicely with a nice breeze coming in the windows.  Pretty hot and humid today 91 and very humid. I was up and off to horseshoes.  We were joined again by our buddy Ken who is just getting over shingles, it was great to see him up and about.  We are playing at 10am these days to beat the heat.  We had 12 people this morning so 6 complete teams.  I had a good day.  The first game Alan my partner and I could not score.  We were close enough to score but the other team kept getting closer. I think we managed 8 points, I did throw one ringer.  The second game was just the opposite and we won 21 to 1.  The third game was closer I threw 3 ringers and Alan threw a couple and we managed to win 21-18.  Afterward we went over to Virginia and Vic’s to tell stories and enjoy some cold drinks.  The AC in the coach sure felt good when we got back.  Inside the coach is where I stayed the rest of the day.

Its still 81 at 8PM so guess the AC will stay on tonight.  After another warm day tomorrow and Friday it is supposed to cool down 10-15 degrees for a few days that will be nice.

I-10 which we need to take to Rayne, LA in 2 weeks is closed for high water.  They are predicting 3 or 4 days so hopefully it will not be damaged and be open by the time we leave here.  Left overs for supper were good and now we are watching the Voice.


Very overcast this morning almost dark.  So the clouds have rolled in and brought the humidity with it.  It only got up to 82 but with the high humidity we ran the AC all day.

We had some RXs ready at Walmart so we drove out there to pick them up.  Long line and one clerk checking people out.


We also picked up a new Tower Fan and Bonnie got a new pillow.  For the first time in months we picked up Subway sandwiches for lunch.  On the way home we picked up the mail and had two amazon shipments.  A TDS Meter which measures total dissolved solids in water and a lens cap leash for my camera lens cap.

Bonnie had a massage and after she left for that I put the fan together and it seems to work well.  We just wish the swing on the oscillation was a little wider.

I was just about to leave when Bonnie pulled in, and she had groceries.  So we brought those in and then I hitched a ride with Ann over to PBV for their happy hour and then I learned a new dice came called LCR.


Its a pretty simple game and I had a really good time.  We just play 3 games and then everyone heads home.  I liked it so much I ordered it from Amazon while I was ordering a pasty blender for Bonnie.  So another great day and a relaxing evening.  Time to get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!