We both were up late last night and slept in this morning.  Another overcast warm humid day.  We did not do much during the day because we had plans to head over to Mercedes late afternoon to go to the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show and Rodeo.

We headed out just after 4:00pm and about 45 minutes we were close.  When we got off the expressway the police had the turn for the Show parking blocked off.  So we used the GPS to find the back way in.  Not sure what the problem was.  Well the show grounds are huge as are the parking lots.  Twenty-Six acres of parking, it goes all the way to the tree line.


We had to follow the directions of the parking crew and we ended up a long way from the rodeo arena.  We took off walking and finally made it into the show.  We are headed to the rodeo arena at the far end.


Lots of rides, food venders, hundreds of animals, and demonstrations.

This guy had the kids all participating with him to make music.


We sat down and watched a chain saw artist carve out a turtle on a stump.


As he was finishing up I headed into the rodeo arena and Bonnie went to the exhibit hall.  We had bought reserved seats earlier so I found them and sat down to relax for about 30 minutes before the Rodeo started.  Bonnie came in with a loaded potato just before the festivities began.


The US Border Patrol served as the color guard.


The rodeo was pretty good and last about 2 1/2 hours.  We really enjoyed it.  Here are a couple pictures, wish they were better but the lighting was not that good.


The mutton busting with the kids was fun to watch.


The clown was named Wild Child and he provided a motorcycle show.


Getting out of the parking lot once we finally walked out to the car was not bad.  We were back to the coach around 11.  We checked the mail on the way in and had a package and an envelope with a check from the sale of my last gun and a water filter for the ice maker.  Now to get to bed, I have horseshoes in the morning.


The workers showed up before 8am to work on the irrigation system now.  Very humid this morning as we headed over for horseshoes.    We had 8 show up today which is good.  Alan and I were partners again and we both had good days and we were undefeated in our 3 games.  Afterward we again spent a few hours over at Virginias and Vic’s.  We visited and said goodbye to Sue and Fred who leave in the morning.  More people pull out of BPV and Retama everyday heading north for the summer.  Both parks have a lot of empty spots.

Getting back to the coach it was 91° out still.  Andy and crew were still working on the the irrigation system.
I drank a big glass of lemonade, put on NCIS for Bonne and then laid down for a nap.  Next thing I knew the alarm went off for the News.  Bonnie made a good supper and I took a shower.  We are to have a cold front come through tonight and we are promised cooler weather for a few days, I am looking forward to that.  I like the 70 degree range and hope to find more of that this supper.  Now to relax and catch up on some TV.

The front came through last night and it was good sleeping with the temperature dropping into the low 60s.  A bit breezy this morning but that died down some as the day went on.  We slept in and had a lazy day planned.  I watched some TV and then the end of the Duke vs Yale game, happy to see Duke win.

I watched our neighbors across the street load up their Honda Trike and Car on their tote, I believe they are leaving in the morning.  I only got a picture through the sunscreen of the trike loaded.


After the game ended I walked out to talk to Vance and the guys that were tuning up his golf cart.


They spent a good amount of time and even cleaned the carburetor and fuel lines.  Then they changed the oil.


Vance keep a close eye on them.  A couple other problems were discovered and will be addressed in the future.  After the oil was refilled it was time for the big moment, would it start.  It only took a couple cranks to get gas back in the lines and carburetor, then it took right off.  A couple test runs up and down the street and all was good.  I headed back to the coach while they finished up.

Bonnie made nachos and chips for supper and I caught the end of the Indiana and Kentucky game, with Indiana winning.  Bonnie also did a couple loads of wash.

Almost dark here now, time to sit back and relax.


Pretty much a regular Sunday here.  Beautiful weather perfect temperature.  We were up and off to  church on time today.  Palm Sunday the service and the sermon were inspiring.

Bonnie did a little shopping on the way home.  I picked up a Rx at CVS while she was at HEB and also fueled up the car.  Then at home we had sandwiches for lunch.  Later on we had a nice bowl of fruit salad.


Just finished a nice long FaceTime with my daughter and Dana and watch Jimmy Johnson win another NASCAR race from California.

Well thats about it for this week Thanks For Checking In!