Two Weeks and Counting


Today starts the last two weeks of our stay here at Retama Village.  The time really has passed quickly.  Now we have to kick it into gear and start stowing all the stuff we have spread out all over the coach and the coach house.

I was up before the alarm went off this morning and started to get ready to head up to our Genealogy Meeting.  The sun was out bright and I turned around to look at it through the Palm Trees and this was my view.


It will be a beautiful day with highs in the low 70s.  Everyone shared family stories that they have uncovered while working on their Family Trees.

My toe has been sore the past few days, I think all the walking at the Rodeo irritated it again.  So hopefully if will be better quickly.  So I tried to stay off of it most of the day.  Bonnie did some more wash and I took out the trash etc.  Afterward we made the bed and had supper.  Bonnie made corn chowder today and it was very good.


I woke up this morning right at 8:00am.  The workers were here and working right under our bedroom slide.  They were putting rocks around the irrigation system controls that are buried in the ground.  I got up and got my coffee and cereal.  When I checked my phone I started seeing the information on the bombings in Brussels.  I have been following that all day.

Vance sent me a text and reminded me we were leaving for horseshoes on time. When I went out I checked out some of the work that is going on.  They are taking out the center island and putting in pavers and rose bushes.




Vances golf cart is running really well after the tune up, it even started today without using the choke and the exhaust no longer stinks, he says money well spent.

We had 6 show up today so we each threw two games and sat out one game.  My partner today was Virginia.


We sat out the first game and won our first game.  Then we were ahead in the second, then I could not seem to score.  We scored 17 points but ended up losing the game.  But we were the over all winners for the day with the most points scored.  We headed right back to our rigs afterward today.  Its very breezy today and is only to get in the high 70s but it is very sunny so its pretty hot.  Tomorrow looks like a day to use the AC again as it is to get up to 90 before the front comes through.  The workers were gone for the day and will not be back until Thursday.

We had corn chowder for supper, always better the second day.  Once the sun went down it cooled off quickly and was very nice out.  We had a surprise visit from our neighbor Vance and he was bearing gifts, Donuts.  So I have a couple of nice donuts for breakfast.


I sure could use this cup of coffee this morning.


Monday we had received a call that Bonnie’s Dad was not doing well and was unresponsive all day.  The family in Buffalo went to the nursing home to be with him.  Last night we got the call that he had passed away.  Our hope is that he is reunited with Bonnie’s Mom in heaven now.  No more pain and he is made whole again.  Today has been a hectic day.  Once we knew the arrangements we were able to book flights.  Not really much choice here there is one flight on American airlines that leaves at 6am.  So tomorrow we will be on that flight and be in Buffalo until after Easter.  Our new friends and neighbors here have been great offering to do what ever is needed.  They will keep an eye on the coach until we get back.

So please keep Bonnie’s family and those of us that are traveling back to Buffalo in your prayers for the next few days.

Thanks for the many condolences we have received via email and FB.

Thanks For Checking In.



  1. Sorry to hear about Bonnie’s Dad. My prayers are with both of you and for safe travels.
    Thinking of you, Barb

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