Early Morning


So the alarm went off at 3:30AM this morning and we were at the McAllen airport by 4:17am.  We were the third people to go through TSA security.  The airport quickly came to life after we got there and an hour later the waiting area was pretty full.  The American Airlines MD80 was pretty full also.  We had an on time departure and were a little early getting in to Dallas.  Smooth flight and landing.

The flight from Dallas to Washington DC was a 737-800 and it was completely full.  We had a bulk head seat so plenty of leg room but narrow seats.  The seatbelt had air bags built into them, interesting.  Once again the 2 hour and 18 minute flight was smooth, except for when we passed the front near Memphis.  We made a nice landing at DCA and saw Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon. We have a couple hour layover here.  Bonnie found a 5 guys and picked up lunch for us.  My T-Mobile Hot Spot is really fast and I got a spot at the power pole to plug in the phone.  The 5 Guys hamburgers were a hit very good.  Another hour and we should board for the last flight.  Across from us this group of military and others were waiting to welcome 35 Medal of Honor recipients that were flying in for a ceremony.


Their plane arrived as we were boarding so we did not get to see them.  The regional jet got us to Buffalo right on time and in less than an hour.  The decent was a bit bumpy but the landing was smooth.  Elizabeth and Alexus picked us up and we waited a few minutes for Bonnie’s sister to arrive from Reno.


Then we headed for South Wales and the funeral home for the viewing.  One quick stop at Tim Hortons for coffee and some bagels.


It was nice to be greeted by our friend Jim A. in the parking lot he always has a smile.  Lots of family and friends inside and we exchanged a lot of hugs, greetings and stories the rest of the evening.

Then it was into the city to Elizabeth’s.  We were all hungry even though it was after 8 we needed to it.  So we stopped at an old favorite La Bella’s.  We had some Antipasto salad, Calzone, pizza, and a turkey sub.  Very good and we shared and took a box home.



It was cold in the 40s and raining when we left there and headed home.  Bonnie went right to bed, I got a shower and Alexus followed a little later.  Elizabeth and I stayed up till almost 1am tracking her friends flight back from a conference in Vegas.  Then it was off to dreamland.


I slept good and was the first one up at 9am its 35 out quite a change from what we are used to.  There were snow flurries in the forecast but looks like just rain now.  Hope to relax some and then later we will head out to the funeral home.  Well we were a few minutes late for the start this afternoon we got there just after 3pm.  There was a lot of friends and extended family that came by and it was good to see them all.  Some came in and said it was spitting snow.  I did not go out and look so I can truly say I have not seen any snow this year.  The Free Masons came and held a Masonic service.  It was very impressive and we know many of those that took part in the service.  Dad Maynard was a member for many many years.

After the calling hours ended we went to the Zider Zee in Holland for a fish fry, then back to Elizabeths.  We are all pretty tired.  Elizabeth treated my sore toe with essential oils, tonight was the third time.  I must say that it both looks and feels much better than when I got here.

I am going to watch the end of the Syracuse game and then head to bed.  The funeral is at 11:00am tomorrow.


We got up with the alarm this morning and the four of us all managed to get ready with one bathroom and leave by 9:45am.  That put us to the Java Village Congregational Church around 10:30 for the funeral.  The family and friends arrived and the service started at 11:00am.  It was a very nice service, with several of the family members participating with the readings and eulogy.

Bonnie had made two family history photo scrapbooks and had them printed as she did in 2011.  The lady that printed them delivered them to the church just as the service was about to start.  So on the way to the grave site we dropped them off at the Masonic Lodge across the street where the luncheon was.  The gravesite service was short but nice.  Then we walked over to the lodge.

The lunch was delicious and catered by Carol’s neighbor, everyone raved about the food.  Bonnie was able to hand out her books and everyone looked through them and had a lot of nice comments.

We went back to Elizabeth’s.  I could not believe that it was already 3:00pm.  I got a nap along with Elizabeth and Alexus.  Bonnie read and put her scrapbook back together.  I also enjoyed watching the cats play.


It was nice to have a little down time this afternoon.  We watched a little TV and figured out what time we needed to get up for church in the morning.


Easter Sunday, the day we as Christians celebrate the Risen Christ.  Its a beautiful day here in Buffalo and may reach 71.  We headed out to Elma to Crossroads Christian Church our home church.  The service was great and it was so nice to see and hug old friends.  Sadly we only had a short time with each of them.  The service was great and it was the start to a perfect day.

Afterward we headed into Elizabeth’s and spent the day with family and a few friends.  We had a simple meal for lunch so no one had to spend the day in the kitchen.  Then we chatted and played Pictionary.  The day went by to quickly and everyone headed home.  Bonnie and I packed what we could and I got a shower ready to get up in the morning and head to the airport.  We should be back at the coach late tomorrow evening.

We were home for a sad reason but it really was nice to see family and friends.

Thats about it for this week.  We move to Louisiana late next week.

Thanks For Checking In.





  1. Glad everything went well. Again, so sorry for your loss. I bet you are ready to get back to warm. Safe travels.
    Happy Easter

    1. Thank You Chris. We fly back tomorrow and head to Louisiana on Thursday or Friday.

  2. Thank-you for sharing this event. I have many special memories of Otis that reflect his unique place in all our lives. I thank God for these memories and celebrate his life. Peace to all, Bonnie, Bob, and the whole family

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