Long Road Home


Our long trip home began this morning at 5:51am with a call from American Airlines, letting us know that our flight was delayed 30 minutes.  Not sure I needed to know that 2.5 hours before the flight.  But it was nice of them to let us know.  Then after we got up at 7 and 7:30 it was delayed another 30 minutes.  I will miss Pooh Bear who always comes to sit by me, at least for a couple minutes.


Elizabeth and Alexus took us to the airport and the flight left a hour later than scheduled.  We had a 2.5 hour layover in Philadelphia so we were in good shape.  Our plane was a DASH-8 an older prop job.  Rough takeoff and climb through the clouds but then it was a smooth flight.

We got a ride to the next gate as it was quite a ways off.  And had about 30 minutes before they boarded.  Lots of people and carry on bags that were much bigger than I would try to carry on.  They did have to make a lot of people check their bags.  The plane was full and I was crammed in a middle seat next to a guy my size.  The Girl on the aisle was small so I had a little room on that side but no leg room as my computer bag was there.  About 3.5 hours like that, I think my tail bone is bruised and I was not sure I could stand up.  We arrived in Dallas on time.

Four hour layover here.  We took the skyline since we had to change terminals and it was quick and pretty easy.  Then we found a seat and I charged my phone.  We got hungry  around 5:30 and there was a TGI Fridays close by.  We queued up in line and got inside in about 5 minutes.  The food was pretty good and the prices were not too bad for an airport.  Bonnie had a nice chicken Cobb salad.


We have already had one gate change and it was only 2 gates away.  Our plane an MD-80 is enroute from Salt Lake City and looks to be on time.  With any luck it will come to this gate and we should be back to Retama before midnight to our own bed.

Well they moved us again and again it was two gates away so not bad.  I went up to see if I could get something besides a center seat and scored an exit row window, wish I had done this on the long flight.  The incoming plane was on time but we boarded about 10 minutes late.  I sat next to Kevin Johnson who is one of the top ventriloquists in the country.  He was on Americas Got Talent and also on the Letterman show.  He does a lot of shows on cruise ships but is in McAllen for a show at the convention center.  So we chatted most of the flight and he is an interesting guy.  Google his name and you will find youtube videos of his act.

We got back to the coach around 11pm.  What a nice surprise to find a note, a card and donuts from Ann and Vance.  Reading the note we discovered they also put a Rotisserie Chicken and Potato Salad in the refrigerator.  What kind and thoughtful neighbors we have.  Not only did they keep an eye on the coach while we were gone, they made us feel very welcome when we returned.  Thank You.  It is nice to be home.  The whole trip is a blur and we did not have time to even think what we were doing while we were back in Buffalo.  Tomorrow we start waking up the coach and preparing to move to Louisiana.  Thanks to all who covered us with your prayers while we traveled.


Up at 9 and working on motivating myself to get started on preparing to move.  It is overcast outside so it won’t be quite as hot to work outside.  While we were gone Andy and crew finished up the landscaping out front, it looks good.


I did get outside for a while but boy was it hot.  I lubed the steps and all of the slides with Tri-Flow spray.  Then I walked up and picked up the batteries that I had ordered, as they came in the mail the other day while we were gone.  Then I fired up the TPMS system to check all the tire pressures.  Two of them have low batteries so I will change them tomorrow.

Then I started updating our three GPS units.  The two Garmin units updated in less than a minute with no problem.  The Rand McNally 7710 RVND unit needed a map update.  But first I had to update the software in the MacBook.  That did not go well.  My Macbook was crashing for the first time.  So I cleaned the Rand McNally software off the Mac and reloaded it.  The GPS unit itself was corrupted in the process.  I was able to correct the 21 corrupted files but it took hours.

While that was going on Vance brought the keys to the rig over.  We had a nice long visit and when Ann got home she came over also.  We had a great time catching up and talking about our trip home.  We also shared the sadness of one of our friends here in Retama Village passing away in his sleep last night.  One never knows.

After Ann and Vance left I turned the key in the ignition of the coach for the first time in 4 months.  It turned over for a couple of seconds and then fired right up without stalling.  I filled the air tanks and switched to travel mode to fill the air bags.  Once they were all full I leveled the coach and then shut down.  Bonnie was still doing wash and I went out and dumped the grey tank and then closed the valve again so I have some grey water to rinse out the stinky slinky hose when we disconnect Thursday to head out.  I still have a lot to do on my check list so tomorrow will be pretty busy.  Very humid out so we have been running the AC all day.


I tried to get outside and start working on my check list to get underway before it got hot today.  I beat the heat but not the humidity.  So I fired up the air in the Coach House as well as the coach and took breaks and drank a lot of crystal light when I could.

First order of business was to check the air pressure in the tires.  The TPMS showed them all good but one of the rears was a few pounds low.


But it never hurts to double check since I had to replace at least 4 of the batteries in the sensors.  So I set up shop in the coach house.


I also changed all the batteries and put the sensors on the car to be ready to leave in the morning.  While I was doing that Vance had Matt Harris over at his rig replacing the water pump, as a valve in it was allowing the water to fill and overflow his fresh water tank.


Once I finished the tires and sensors I drained our fresh water tank and filled it until it was half full. I always like to travel with some water.  Other things I did was: lubed the slides, checked the engine oil, lubed the folding stairs, hooked up the TPMS repeater, brought in the extra chair and sewing machine to store in the closet and topped off the water in the batteries.  Bonnie was working on storing stuff inside the rig.  Then she came out and helped me take down the window shades, and stow the chairs and tables underneath.  We also stored our sign.  Andy came over read the electric meter and brought back the bill and a check for what we did not use of the deposit.  I think once we disconnect the sewer, the water, bring in the slides and disconnect the electric we should be able to pull out.  I do have to take our internet modem back in the morning, then we will be back to using our hotspot and phones.

I had trouble finding a campground for tomorrow and Friday night seems they are all full with temporary workers and Winter Texans heading North.  I finally found one but it was pretty pricey.

After getting a shower and eating supper I headed to CVS to pick up a RX.  Now I hope I can relax and get to bed early so we can get an early start and go through Houston at a good time.

Thats about it for now.  Next blog we should be in Rayne, LA.

Thanks For Checking In!