On the road again


After four wonderful months at Retama Village it was time to say “See You Later”.  We were up at 7:00am and after breakfast I emptied the tanks and disconnected the water while Bonnie finished up preparing the inside for travel.  Then I grabbed the internet modem and headed over to the SolStar office to turn it in and make sure my account showed that we were paid up.  Then back to the coach.

We put the slides in, fired up the engine and after disconnecting the power cord I pulled out onto the street.  Bonnie followed and lined up the car behind so we could hook it up.  Our neighbors on both sides Vance and Ann and Terry came out to say goodby.  Vance took some pictures and sent them to me and I wanted to share them.  Here we are hooked up and ready to go.


Here I am ready to check all the lights and brakes.


Ready to climb onboard.


Ready to shut the door and pull out


And after we held hands and prayed for a safe day we pulled out


It was a bit sad to leave but exciting to look ahead to our summer travels.  About 80 miles up the road we went through a border patrol check station, with the K-9 drug dogs checking vehicles.  The agent stopped me, but only asked if we were citizens.


The rest of the day went smooth.  We hit a little construction which was a single lane so we had to wait our turn but that was just a few minutes.  We made a quick 20 minute stop.  Bonnie fixed sandwiches and I ran the car and cycle through the gears to lubricate everything.  We also ran the generator to exercise it.  Which also ran the refrigerator for about 90 minutes and the AC units to help keep the coach cool.

We were rolling along just fine when, about 50 miles south of Houston the GPS traffic monitor started warning of delays ahead and accidents.  Well it said 25 miles and sure enough this is what we saw.


But we did keep moving most of the time.


Looked like an over loaded trailer full of scrap paper was the cause.


Then there were reports of two more accidents and traffic was at a crawl all the way through Houston.  It caused us about an hour of delay.  We finally reached the Baytown area and took exit 800 off of I-10 and in about 5 miles we found the camp ground Mont Belvieu RV Resort.  Its expensive but yesterday I had trouble find a place with any vacancy.  I guess it is the oil business but the campgrounds are full of what they call temporary workers.  And yes this place is full of mostly trailers and 5th wheels.  It is very clean here and well organized.  There are a lot of families here and so far it is very quiet.  The WiFi is slow but seems to be working ok to read mail and update the blog.  No Hulu TV.  I could not get the cable to work but there are 72 channels I got OTA with the Bat wind antenna.  We opened the windows when we got here and its cooling off nicely so time to get some rest.


It was foggy with a little bit of rain when we went to bed so we shut the winters. It cooled off nicely over night and it was good sleeping.  Then just after I got up this morning it started to rain again.  About an hour later it was a downpour and that finished up with a thunderstorm.  After that Bonnie got up.  We decided to not go sight seeing today with the weather as it was.  It stayed cool all day and was very comfortable in the coach.  We heard that it was over 100 in Retama Village yesterday.  We left in the nick of time.

Bonnie read and I worked on financial records all morning and then programmed the GPS units for tomorrows move to Louisiana.  I also put in an order for our mail and we should get it in Rayne next week.  Then after a bite to eat I did a little organizing in the cabinets over the table.  Not sure where the day went but it went by pretty quickly.

This campground uses TengoInternet and it worked ok last night.  Today neither of us could connect.  So we used our hotspots to connect to the internet.  I am using it to update this now.  I finally called the support number and was told the Gateway here went bad and they are shipping a new one, so no campground internet.  I wonder if we will get a refund.  BBQ for supper and time to relax and watch a little TV.


Well we did something today we had not done since December 3rd, 2015, we bought diesel for the coach.


We were up at 8:00 am this morning taking our time to be sure we left by the 11am checkout time.  Without rushing we both showered, had breakfast, dumped the tanks, and prepared the car for towing and pulled out at 10:32 am.  Bonne dropped the trash in the dumpsters as we went by.  We were on I-10 within 2 miles and stayed on that all the way.  Oh we did drop off to get the diesel and a bite to eat from the Wendy’s inside the Pilot station.  With my 6 cents a gallon off we paid $1.999 for the fuel.

Then it was back on I-10 for about 90 more miles.  We crossed the Sabine River which looks to still be in flood stage but not as bad as a couple weeks ago when I-10 was closed for flooding.  No rain today beautiful weather and not too many bugs.  We called the rally masters when we were 10 minutes out and we were met at the entrance and told where to go to park.  Even the police are happy we are here.


Originally we were going to park on the pavement and have no sewer but 50amp service.  Since the weather looks cool we chose to have the 30amp service but the ability to dump in a shared sewer if we need to.  Plus I think we got a little more space over here.  There are over 700 campsites here and I think our group is 50-60 coaches.  Here is part of the group closest to us.


We arrived just before 3pm and as you can see we are parked pretty close together, not sure why there are over 600 empty spaces.  Bonnie and I hooked up our electric and water then put out the slides.  Then I cleaned the front window, Bonnie had gotten most of the bugs off when we fueled up.  Then we put the sun screens on the windows since we are facing South.  They parked us with our rear wheels on gravel, in case there is a lot of rain which makes it almost impossible to get level but we are close.  I met a couple of the neighbors and their dogs and then set up the TV while Bonnie went to the Winn Dixie for some groceries.  After super we had a beautiful sunset.


Well thats about it from here.  No park Wifi again but thats ok.  I just saw that Syracuse lost their game in the Final 4, bummer.  Time for some rest now.


Well we slept in to long this morning and missed church.  We did go out for a while and drove around Rayne.  Its a small town of 8000 so it did not take long.  It is mostly know for its Frog Festival.



Bonnie wanted to eat at Popeyes Chicken and so that what we had for lunch.  We stopped at the Civic Center and met some of the Bearer Club leadership and got some advice on what will be happening this week.  Then we came back to the coach and talked to our neighbors for a couple hours and shared information with each other.  It got a bit cool sitting in the shade so I came in and decided to finish up the blog and get it sent out.  Its been another good week.

Thanks For Checking In!





  1. You’re full time now. Time to get off those Interstates and take the roads less traveled. They are slower, more relaxing and worth what you will see. U.S. Highways are in better condition and well worth the extra tme.

  2. Be sure to drive around Rayne as they have a lot of frog murals. When we were there with the holiday Ramblers we toured a Cajon Village and a however were the two villages we toured in rain here they come now Cajun Village and what was the other one when we were in rain we toured the Cajun Village and Creole Village. We had lunch at the Creole Village and it was good. Then went into a bar and there and saw them dance. Their dance is very fast and different. Sandy and Howie

    1. Thank some of that is on our schedule. We have a full schedule tours of rice and crawfish farms, swamp tours, music shops and much much more. We just had fried cracklins and boudin at registration cooked right in front of us. Hope all is well with you two.

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