The rallies continue


We slept in a little today and skipped going to breakfast (grits and shrimp) but we were on time even a little early for the annual Beaver business meeting.  The meeting was well run and kept on agenda and moved right along.


At the conclusion of the meeting there was a drawing for the “big” prizes.  We did not win any of those.  Heading back to the coach to rest and have lunch.

The around 12:30 we headed over for the frog races.  I was the steward and in charge of moving the frogs along the race course.


Sorry not a great picture.  But dice with the frogs numbers on them were rolled and the frogs moved up and down the course until they crossed the finish line.  You could place a small wager on your frog and collect if he won.  We had six races and a good turn out.  Then back to the coach for a rest.

Ryan Kelly from Beaver Coach Sales in Bend Oregon had asked to look at our coach and came back with Bonnie for a tour.  Then we got to spend almost an hour with him chatting about the Beaver.  His Dad has bought the rights to the Beaver name from Monaco and now owns it and the Logo.  In the future they will be building Beaver Coaches again.  We had a nice chat and look forward to seeing them when we get out to the West coast.  Now maybe a nap before dinner.

Dinner was steak, a really good rice dish, green beans, salad, and bread pudding.  After dinner we played the Beavers version of the newly wed game.  Bonnie and I were one of the couples and we did pretty good and ended up in second place. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed it.  Tonights entertainment was another local band and they played all kinds of music.  They started just after 7 and were still playing without a break at 9 when we headed back to the coach.  Another great day here in Rayne.  Tomorrow we have some seminars and Cochon du Lait for dinner and they start to prep it at 2am.


Bonnie was up before me today.  Biscuits and gravy for breakfast and it one of her favorites.  I had my cereal and then wandered over for one biscuit and a little gravy.  Also some juice and coffee.

Then we attended some seminars.  The first was questions, answers and suggestions for people.  At the end of that the Chamber of Commerce showed up with the Lions and the Frog Derby Queen.


They showed us how the frog races go and how to hold the frogs.


The Queen was hoping to turn this frog into her prince.


Then we had a seminar on Dry Camping and lots of ideas on how to conserve power and water while boon docking.  Then we had a bit of a break for lunch.  We had play money to spend on ice cream so we each had a banana split and chatted with some new friends for a while.

Next was a seminar on our CAT engines and what to look for and what to pay attention to.  The presenter was a member Dave Atherton whom I know from our online forum.  He did a great job.


He also has the computer and software to run diagnostics on our CAT engines.  I had him run the program on our engine and Thankfully it shows that we have no problems just one intermittent event that is probably an loose connection.


He said nothing to worry about.  When I get time I will see if I can check out the connector.

Before dinner we participated in a Flag Disposal ceremony, very moving to many of us.


Dinner was the Cochon du Lait, a stuffed slow cooked and smoked suckling pig.


It was very good, along with cornbread stuffing, corn, and peach cobbler for dessert.

Our entertainment tonight was a hypnotist, he was pretty good and we had a lot of good laughs.


Back at the coach now and time to rest up a bit.  Tomorrow we move over to New Iberia for another smaller rally.


No alarm this morning but we were awakened by the sound of diesel engines cranking up.  Today was departure day from the Rayne Rally.  We were told not to be in a hurry and to wait for the Rally Masters to call us and let us know the sites were ready.  So we got a call late this morning while Bonnie was at the Farmers Market to come on over.  Once she got back we finished packing up and securing everything so that we could head on down the road.  We hooked up the car and pulled out of Rayne at 11:40am.

The road South of Lafayette was a bit rough as it is concrete but in just over an hour we pulled into the Cajun RVera RV Resort.  Its pretty full but we had good level pull through sites so no problems.  This time of year this is a popular family campground as it is attached the the fairgrounds and a small water park.  Tomorrow we expect a lot of families to head home for school on Monday.  We did not go out to dinner tonight instead after the social hour where we discussed tomorrows tours we relaxed and had a light meal.  Tomorrow we have a lunch and one or two tours, so another busy day.  The Wifi is not too good here so I am hoping to get my pictures uploaded for the blog.  Thats about it for today, watching the delayed NASCAR race now.  #18 Kyle Bush wins.


We got to sleep in a little this morning as we did not have to leave until 10:30 this morning.  We rode with our neighbors and new friends today.  We headed over to Jefferson Island.  Jefferson Island is a salt dome not a real island.  There are 5 in this area, Avery Island is also a salt dome.  Joseph Jefferson, a famous actor best known for his character Rip Van Winkle, developed this area.  Later owners continued the development and sold the salt to Crystal Salt.  Texaco was drilling for oil nearby and mistakingly pierced the salt mine.  This caused a catastrophe that flooded the mine and drained the lake into the mine.  All the miners escaped and no deaths were caused.

The gardens are beautiful, cats and peacocks roam the grounds.  We also toured the home that Jefferson build.  No photos in the house.  We were on a tight schedule as we had a set time for lunch.  The meal at the cafe was very good and we all seemed to enjoy it.  Here are some pictures from the grounds.










After lunch the ladies in our group stayed to spend some time in the gardens looking for birds.  The men headed to Starbucks and then back to the coach.  Guess we got to gabbing as the ladies beat us back to the coach.

Then it was time for the social hour where we have light appetizers and discuss the activities tomorrow.  We were still full for lunch so we stayed in the coach to relax.

Thats about it for this week, a very busy week.  I will get this posted.

Thanks for Checking In!