On Our Own


One by one the other coaches here at the rally pulled out.  Our neighbors were the last to leave shortly after noon.  The RV park is looking pretty empty especially after being full last weekend.  I am sure there will be a lot of folks pulling in tomorrow for the weekend.  We plan to be here until Sunday.

We headed out for a nearby town named Jeanerette.  Jeanerette is know as the sweetest spot in Louisiana.  For over 200 years sugar has been king here.  We were headed to the town museum to learn about growing and processing sugar.



Once we got inside, signed in and paid the $3 a piece for the tour we got started. Our guide was a very nice lady and her husband was also there working as a volunteer.  I had a nice chat with him and found out that they have an amazing amount of information and history in these small buildings.  Pictures cover the walls detailing the towns history along with news articles and many artifacts.  The towns iron foundry no longer pours metal but is still operational in a limited means on the adjourning property.  Many many of their old patterns for making molds are on display in the museum.





After looking at the patterns we went into the annex and viewed a nice movie on the sugar industry.  I learned a lot.  I did not know that pieces of sugar cane are buried in trenches to start the next crop.  The new plants grow from the bands between the sections.  It looks a lot like bamboo.  They replant 1/3 of the fields each year.  The cane will grow an inch a day in the growing season.  Then machines harvest it and off to the mills it goes to extract the sugar.  At the end of the tour we even got a small bag of sugar.

Next stop on the way back to New Iberia was the Le Jeune Bakery in business since 1884.  Know for their french bread and they also make the PoBoy rolls most places in the area use.


The red light was on when we went by on the way to the museum, which means that the bread is still warm.  I wonder if this is where Krispy Creme got the idea. Their recipe originated in New Orleans and their light started in 1992.


We stopped and Bonnie got some bread.  Then back home to the coach.  We had the Garlic Bread for supper with some left overs and I must say it was very good.

I spent some time working on a campground for next week but we have one more night to book.


Today was a designated stay home day.  We both needed a day to rest up with nothing planned.  Bonnie read and I caught up on some videos and made some reservations for next week in West Monroe, LA.

Around supper time we decided to head to Popeyes for some chicken.  We both like it and we enjoyed it tonight.

Last weekend this RV park was full and we were expecting the same to happen today.  But it must be an off weekend with the weather looking like ran.  Late this afternoon this was the view out our window.


Its looking very empty out there.  Not sure what we will do tomorrow.


Nothing much to write about today either.  We spent the day enjoying the nice weather.  The windows have been open all day and we have enjoyed the sounds of the birds, the barrel racing at the arena, and the kids playing in the campground.  I ate my leftover catfish for supper.  Since it is dry and cool I flushed out the black tank and dumped the grey water.  I put the sewer hose away so we are just about ready to pull out tomorrow.  Just the water hose and power to unhook.  Maybe catch up on a little Hulu tonight since the park is pretty empty and the WiFi has been working ok.


We got up this morning on our own and worked at packing up to hit the road.  We were finally ready to put in the slides disconnect the water and unhook the power.  Once we hooked up the car we were ready to roll.  We had nice 2 hour drive up to Woodworth, LA and the Indian Creek Recreation Area.  This area is pretty full during the summer and weekends but since it is Sunday the weekenders were pulling out.

We did get a nice pull-through site and got reasonably level.


We even have a view of the lake.


If we were going to be here longer we would have picked a back in site closer to the lake.  So we are looking forward to a nice quiet night before we head up to West Monroe tomorrow.

We have had a good week and are looking forward to the coming weeks and visiting with friends and family once we get to Arkansas.  Hope you have a good week also.

Thanks For Checking In!