Next Stop Arkansas


We decided to have an easy day today and hung out around the coach most of the day.  I balance the checking account and watched a little TV while Bonnie read.

Then we decided to go to a late afternoon movie.  We headed over to Monroe to see Gods Not Dead 2.  It was good and we enjoyed it.  Lots of shots of Little Rock where we will be later next week.  We grabbed a bite to eat in the food court before the movie and came back to the coach afterwards.  Pretty plan Jane day but some days are like that.

I had trouble signing onto the internet here which is run by Tengointernet.  So I called them and it turns out the codes the office gave me expired today.  So they gave me a temporary connection.  I use it for checking email and some other slow things.  We use the T-Mobile hot spot to watch movies and Hulu since with the Binge On feature it does not count against our high speed data.


After a leisurely morning we took off for a big loop trip.  Our first stop was over in Monroe at the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum.  We were actually surprised at how much was in this small building and how well it was displayed and admission is free.  Bill our guide told us there were over 11,000 items in the museum.  General Chennault led the famed Flying Tigers and later trained the Chinese pilots.


We started by watching two videos that provided a lot of back ground info.  The building is full of memorabilia, most from local families.  Uncle Si Robertson even has a display here.  We enjoyed our visit and decided it would take a lot more time to take in all there is to see here.  Out side we took a quick look at som of the planes.  Theses are not displayed near as nice as the inside of the museum.



They even have a MIG.


From here we headed north to visit the Black Bayou National Wildlife Refuge

I saw on line that the visitors center was closed due to flooding but we hoped some of the roads would be open.  This is what greeted us.


But we did find most of the roads were open so we started to explore.  The flooding was very evident.  Just beyond the sign water blocks the path to the deck.



This turtle is seeking higher ground also


It is quite pretty though.


Even the thistles are photogenic.  Did I mention no rain anywhere in sight today nice and sunny.


We even spotted a gator, judging by the distance between its snout and eyes its over 12 feet long.


All of this water should be dry land, maybe in a few weeks.


The boat launch is out by the floating dock.


From here we headed up the road to Route 2 and then West over to 143 where we turned South again toward West Monroe.  We were hoping to see more at D’Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge just north of West Monroe.  This area is pretty flooded also but we managed to find one road open and drove in to where the waters blocked it.  What we did see along the way were these flowers and the bees were sure busy, I am sure you can find them.



Not sure what they are called but they were pretty.  Bonnie spotted a couple snakes and that was about it for today.  Tomorrow we plan to pull out of here and head to El Dorado, AR.


Well we have arrived in El Dorado, Arkansas.  We are driveway camping at my cousins house.  Larry and I spent time together when we both lived in Pennsylvania.  Today was the first we met his wife Susan and BIL Andy.

We left W Monroe before noon and 79 miles later we pulled into Larry’s.  After unhooking we pulled in next to the pool fence so we have a water view.


We have had a wonderful day sharing memories and getting to know Susan and Andy.


Up early this morning as we left for church at 8:30am.  We had a good lesson in Sunday School and then the Worship service.  Today was a Celebration Sunday at Larry’s Church and we got to share in it.  They awarded a scholarship to s senior going on to college, they accepted 21 new members into their church, and two people were Baptized.  The preacher is young about 30 and he delivered a good strong sermon.  Bonnie got to hold a baby for the whole service.  Here the new members are being welcomed.


After the service the church had a dinner.  They served Chinese, Mexican, Home Cooking, and Pizza.  It was quite the feast and enjoyed by all that attended.

Once we got home everyone was ready for a nap.  I was able to stream the end of the race from Richmond and see Carl Edwards bump his teammate Kyle Bush out of the way for the win. 

Larry and Susan are sharing their internet with us so we are happily catching up on news and updates.

Well thats about it for this week.  Sometime this coming week we will be moving toward Little Rock or Searcy just not sure which yet.

Thanks for Checking In!





  1. There is a flower identification app for the Apple iPhone that identifies a flower by taking a picture of it you might enjoy that in your travels I know I enjoy using it

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