Family Time


This morning my Cousins Larry, Susan and Andy headed up to Little Rock for a medical appointment and some shopping.  Our plans are to go out for dinner when they get back.  Bonnie spent some time brushing Diamond and taking her for a walk.  She got lots of fur off of her.


With the rising temperatures she should be much more comfortable.  Then they got to go for a walk, looks like she enjoys that.


Off they go.


I worked on reservations in Searcy to get our cloudy windows fixed.  I also was able to get reservations along the river in North Little Rock for the end of this week.  I have been checking out the Corp of Engineer parks also, they seem to be very popular on the weekends.  I also snapped a couple pictures of our parking spot here in El Dorado.  Their yard is like a park.


This afternoon I watch the tree trimmers start to cut down one of the neighbors trees.






They still have a lot of cleanup to do.

We did go over and talk to Jay, Larry’s neighbor and he plans to take down even more of his trees.  Then we headed out for Dinner at the Larado Grill and enjoyed the evening in downtown El Dorado


I woke up this morning and when I turned on the microwave it sounded different, then when I opened the refrigerator I knew why.  The power was off.  I went to the garage and checked the breaker and it was not tripped.  I checked the light in the other garage and no power.  Larry came out a little while later and told me the tree cutters had dropped a tree on the wires and broke the top of his pole off with the transformer.


He had called in the problem and it was not long before the power company showed up.


They quickly marked the ground and where the wires were and got to work.  A total of 3 trucks worked on the project.


They soon had all the wires, lights and transformer off the old pole


Then they pulled out the old pole and slipped in the new one.  Soon they hung the new transformer and even a new light.


They worked pretty steadily and by around 1:30 they were wrapping things up.


They had to pull the one truck off the lawn.


But that was easy for the big truck to do.  They did leave a couple ruts but they even fixed them.


Finally it was time to reconnect the power.


We were back in business.  Larry and I had sat outside and watched the progress all morning and enjoyed chatting while we watched.  I even spotted a red wasp in the grass.


Mean while the tree cutters were still busy next door dropping trees.


By the time we checked out the power and internet it was time to head into town and pick up Andy from his day program that he attends.  Then we did a little shopping at Walmart and finally home.  Larry still works from home so I am sure he is way behind for this week, maybe he can catch up some tonight.  Not much to see and do here in El Dorado and the weather is supposed to be bad tomorrow.


Not too much to write about today.  The passing storms woke us at about 4:30am we got up and shut the windows and the roof vents.  Then back to bed and we slept until mid morning.  Breakfast and a shower and then Larry came back from dropping Andy off and stuck his head in the door saying come on in he had fresh donuts.  I grabbed a cup of coffee and went in to have a blueberry filled glazed donut.  It was excellent.

Bonnie came in and after Susan left for school she read I poked around on my computer checking out future places to stay and Larry went in his office and went to work.  Thats pretty much how we spent the day.  I did fire up Hulu later on and we caught up on a couple of shows.  The day passed so fast that Larry was a few minutes late picking up Andy.

Susan fixed a wonderful supper and then we all chatted for the rest of the evening.  Except for gather and the trash and cleaning up after supper.  So just a nice relaxing typical day.  Looks like a nice day tomorrow with no rain.  Then we plan to move to downtown North Little Rock on Friday for about 5 days.

Thats about it for this week so far, we are enjoying our time with family and having a great time.  Thanks for Checking In!



  1. I am planning on hiking near Mt Ida on Friday, and my son, Eric, Jr, and his family are coming in from Allen, Tx, that night. We haven’t seen them since before Christmas. But wiuld love to see you while you are in North Little Rock. Could you come to church at Park Hill on Sunday?
    I have a Missions committee meeting at 4. Maybe we could go out for lunch.

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