Moving North


Nice cool clear night we slept good until the tree cutters woke us around 7:30, but that was easily remedied by closing the window and laying back down.  It was easy then to sleep until almost 10am.

After the the tree folks cleaned up next door they came over to Larry’s yard to cut down one tree that was damaged by lightning.  It was not long before the top was on the ground.


Then after hooking a rope on the top of the pole that was still standing it came down quickly.





Once the tree was down Bonnie and I headed into town to do a little shopping.  Boy its pretty hot and humid.  Bonnie fixed supper, bbq chipped ham sandwiches an old family recipe.  Then we spent more time visiting and Larry work some from his office.


Well our plans today were to head North to North Little Rock.  Unfortunately the weather north of El Dorado was not cooperating.  No rain in El Dorado but lots in Little Rock, with flash flood warnings.  So we took our time and slowly got ready to leave.  We expected the weather to clear after noon.

Larry asked us if we could Andy a ride in the Coach which we were more than happy to do.  So while we got the coach turned around and hooked up the car, Susan picked up Andy from his program.  Once they were home we loaded up and headed up to Hampton about 25 miles and Andy was happy as could be sitting in the co-pilots seat.  We had no rain and dry roads all the way to Hampton where we pulled in and Bonnie came back to the coach and Andy and Larry switched to the car with Susan after we all said our see you laters and hugged each other.

A little further up the road we ran in to wet roads and then the rain started.  It continued all the way to the RV Park.  At first the woman could not find our reservation but then she found it.  We unhooked and pulled around to our riverside site.  Its a pull in site so our view out the front window is of the Arkansas River and downtown Little Rock across the river.


Hopefully the sun comes out tomorrow and I can get some better pictures.  I am looking forward to watching the barge and boat traffic.  The river is up a little and the current is pretty swift as the river is not real wide here.

We had supper and settled in, Bonnie started the laundry.  Around 8pm several of the bridges are lighted and that should be pretty to sit out and watch once the rain stops.  There have been tornado watches and warnings well south of here but it has rained steady and hard at times and promises to continue all night.  I made sure the weather alert radio was tuned properly and tested it.  So we should be all set.


Well it was an interesting night.  It rained most of the night and we had some significant wind toward morning.  The weather alert radio went off once, but it was for flash floods in an other area of the state.  So we both slept in pretty late since it was a bit of a restless night.  But I was greeted by a passing barge just after I got up and watched it go under the bridges.  The river is up a foot or two but still plenty of room.  Notice the sign, yes Paul McCartney is in town for a concert tonight.  I checked and there are still some of the $240 single seat tickets available.  The tickets started at $40 but they are long gone.


We decided to have lunch at Schlotzsky’s since it had been years since we had one of their patented sandwiches.


I must say it was very good but more expensive than I remember.  Then we headed out to have a look at the old neighborhood and our house.  Here is a picture.  The large Magnolia Tree on the right was but a twig when it was planted in the late 80’s.


The house still looks in pretty good shape and I noticed they are replacing the deck in the back again.  From there we drove around the neighborhood and checked out the changes.  Grandpa’s Catfish house is gone and we heard the Catfish Hole is closed also.  Then it was down through Levy and onto the interstate headed West.  We drove out and checked a couple listings we had seen but they did not meet Bonnie’s criteria.  Water and mountain view.  Not any real mountains here but there are some hills.  Then we drove over to Maumelle Park and the COE Campground to look at the campsites to see if we would be able to stay out there after we come back from Searcy.  Then drove through Little Rock and past the old radio shop and old office downtown.  Then back to the coach.

We have made contact with a couple of our old friends and hope to get in touch with them and others while we are here.  We plan to head to Parkhill Baptist in the morning and we know we will see some there.  Tonight is much more peaceful and we are enjoying watching the lights on the bridges as the slowly change colors.  As with most campgrounds we can hear the trains in the distance.


We got up this morning to another nice clear day sitting here on the bank of the Arkansas river in North Little Rock.  After enjoying breakfast we got ready to head up to Parkhill Baptist Church for Sunday School and the Worship service.  We were members here in the late 80s so everything was somewhat familiar.

We headed up to the class that our friend Eric teaches and were pleasantly surprised to see that another friend Will was the department superintendent and his wife Amy is the secretary.  Eric’s wife Jeannine was also in the class.  So we got a really good welcome and introduced to a lot of friendly people.  Not only is Eric a friend but he was our kids pediatrician when we were here, well most he saw Elizabeth.  Robby saw one of his partners.


Eric presented a very good lesson and its was easy to tell he spent a lot of time preparing.  Another former bureau employee was in the class also and we talked for a short while.  After class we headed in to the Worship Center for the 11:00am morning service.  We had made arrangements to meet another couple of our friends Jerry and Barbara up in the balcony.  We had been in the same class when we attended here and our girls played basketball against each other. They were easy to recognize and so we soon found our seats for the start of the service.


The sanctuary had been remodeled and it looks really good.  Not sure I had ever sat in the balcony before.  The service and sermon were great.

After service our whole group headed out to Maumelle for lunch together at the New Asian.  A Chinese buffet.  We had a great time catching up and answering questions about our lifestyle in the Coach.  After an hour or so we all headed back to our houses or back into town.  What a great way to spend a Sunday, it was just like old times.


We were able to catch the end of the NASCAR race and it looks like we missed a lot of wrecks today, but we had a much better time.  I started to work on the computer but I ran out of steam.  I have been pulling a lot of all-dayers (no nap) and today caught up with me.  I laid down on the coach around 4 and woke up at 5:30.  One nice thing is that our neighbors on both sides are gone and so we have unobstructed views both up river and down river.  No barges today but there have been a few pleasure boats braving the river.  Its actually in flood stage and the flow rate is quite high.  We can tell its up 2 feet here from yesterday.  I wish I could capture a good picture, as I sit here on the couch I can watch the lights on the old rail bridge that is now a foot bridge.  It leads to the Clinton Presidential Library and the lights constantly change colors.  Well I gave it a try here is the result.


Well thats about it for this week, its been another great week and we are really liking it here, it feels like home again.

Thanks For Checking In.



  1. Brings back a lot of good memories…

  2. From what I hear on the weather channel I do not think I would trust being that close to the river..Looks like your site is at ground zero for flooding

    1. We should be fine its a big river and they control the flow at the locks and dams. But it is flowing pretty fast.

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