Watching the River Flow By


It was raining when I first got up this morning but soon stopped.  The sky remained overcast most of the day and it was a bit cool.  I spent some time on the phone and called T-Mobile back and had them send a new hot spot.  I had been hoping to get one here but there are no corporate stores in Arkansas.  So I checked with a local friend and he said I could have it sent to his house.  Then I spent sometime online researching the candidates that are running for office in our district in South Dakota.  We received our absentee ballots the other day and I wanted to know who I was voting for.  On the trip up from El Dorado I had gotten a low battery alarm on one of my tire sensors, so I pulled it off and changed the battery in it.  Other than that we had a leisurely morning and some time after noon we headed out.

First stop was the Clinton Presidential Library.



This was our first visit to a Presidential Library and I thought it was quite interesting.  There sure are a lot of documents stored there and only a very few are on display.  We spent several hours there and I hope to visit more of the libraries.  This was his Presidential Limo


We got to sit in replica chairs at the cabinet table.


I sat in the Presidents chair


These eggs were on display at Easter time in the White House.  One year Bonnie’s brother Brian had an Egg on display there representing NY state.  The second egg from the left on the bottom is the NY egg but I do not think it is Brian’s


This is a view back across the river where the Coach is parked but the bridge blocked it.


This small tree is called the Anne Frank tree.  It is a sapling from the tree that grew outside her window when they were in hiding.


Bonnie wanted to do a little shopping so we headed to Dillard’s at McCain Mall.  She was able to find a few new tops and a pair of pants.  Then we took a scenic drive out to Willow Beach COE recreation and Campground.  Robby and I used to launch the boat here and fish this part of the river.  It is a bit secluded but would be a nice quiet place to camp.

Then we tried to find a place to eat.  The first place was closed, only open for lunch, and the next place did not exist.  Back into town and we stopped at a Popeyes and there menu screens were blank.  We drove around to see what we might like but nothing appealed so we ended up back at the coach.  Bonnie made me a sandwich and she had a salad.

Eric had invited me to a Rackensack Meeting at the Arkansas Arts Center so I headed over there about 7:00PM.  Rackensack is an old name that refers to Arkansas.  This was a group of musicians that play older music but it was all familiar.  Mostly hymns and folk music.  There was one blues song.  The meeting started with a hoedown and then individuals and groups played for about 3 hours.



It was really enjoyable and I had a nice evening.  Bonnie relaxed at home.  Here is the closing number.


We were up late last night so we slept in a little late this morning.  No real plans for today.  The river seems to be at about the same level as yesterday maybe even down a bit.  I went out and cleaned some of the seed pods that were stuck to the coach from the wind and rain the other night.  About that time a 5th wheel pulled into the spot next to us, I believe we could reach out and touch the side of it.  Not sure why they pulled in so close but they blocked our down river view again.

After noon I wanted to go over and visit the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site.


This is the school that desegregation took place at in 1957.  The governor ordered the National Guard to keep the students from entering the building.  President Eisenhower told the Governor that the Federal Government would do what ever it took to allow the students to attend classes.  So he ordered the 101st Airborne into town to escort the students to classes.  There were 9 students who then attended classes.  The center has lots of film footage and is very interesting.

This Mobil station on the corner was the only place with a phone and the Press used it as their command center so that they could call in their stories.


The school is just across the street.


This is the classic view you usually see of the school.


I enjoyed the visit and Bonnie stayed at the coach to read.  This high school is still open today and about 2500 students attend classes here.  The Park Service gives two tours a day, I just missed one.

The tracking for my hot spot has not shown up on line so I called to check on it and they assured me that it had been shipped.  We had some visitors, our friends Jerry and Barbara stopped by the Coach for a visit and we had a great time catching up.  Tomorrow we move to Searcy so hope to get to bed at a reasonable hour.


Ie  actually woke up before the alarm went off this morning, moving day.  Bonnie got up a while later and we got showers before I dumped the tanks and flushed them out.  We pulled out of site 7 just before the 11am check out time.  We headed east on I-40 to get fuel at the Pilot in Galloway not even 10 miles down the road.  We took on about 75 gallons before the foam made a mess of the side of the coach.  I cleaned that up and we pulled out to head to the RV Fog Dr in Searcy only about 50 miles away.  We found them and pulled in.


The receptionist came out and greeted us and told us to pull in and unhook.  Then one of the guys came out and helped us to back in behind the building and hook up to 50amp power.



This is a pretty level spot and we may end up here for the night or they may move us up in front of the bays.  They gave us the WiFi password and my phone hooked right up.  Bonnie took off to go to Krogers to do a little food shopping.  I hooked up my router to the WiFi and I think we can catch up on our Hulu shows here.  It is windy and dusty here, guess we will have a lot of dusting to do afterwards.  They plan to check and work on the windows in the morning.

They never did move us today and so we are in our spot at least for the night.  One of the guys came over just before 5 and said put out the slides and fire up the AC see you in the morning.  We asked for some restaurant recommendations and decided on the Rib Crib for tonight.


I had the Pit Masters combo.  Ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and brisket.  We brought enough home for lunch tomorrow.  Bonnie had the baby back ribs.  My beans were especially good.  Back at the coach we relaxed and now are calling it a night so I will send this out.  We have good strong fast internet here and free parking as a customer.

Thanks For Checking In.






  1. Bob,

    You do know that playing old music and you recognizing it all are not mutually exclusive statements. One does not make the other false.

    Glad you are enjoying your travels.


  2. Sounds like you all have been busy this week. Be happy this week is not last as it has been really noisy with planes and booming. I think there must be a problem with a pipe line. They did get the logs out of our yard but the netghbor still has some.

    1. Glad to hear that they got your yard cleaned up. Sorry about the booms and planes.

  3. Love the pictures and of Bonnie! You look great Bonnie! We miss you guys. Come to VA.


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