Glass Repair and Catfish


We were up at 7:00am this morning to get breakfast and get ready for the guys to come and take out the 3 windows that needed fix.  They started just after 8 and had the windows out before 9am.  First was the window in door.




Next was the drivers window.



And finally the big picture window




Then into the shop to be taken apart cleaned and then resealed and reassembled




I also managed to get a picture of Cheryl the secretary that keeps this whole place running.


Bonnie went into town to “shop” and I keep guard on the coach.  Just after lunch the guys started putting in the repaired windows and finished up just after 2:00pm.  We paid the bill and made arrangements to spend the night here and leave tomorrow.

I started working on reservations for tomorrow and was shocked to learn that I could not find a site for the weekend in Little Rock.  Seems there is a lot going on in town for the weekend.  So it looks like we will be moving just a couple miles to a local campground until after the weekend then not sure what we will do.  It was nice to find out that the Whitney Lane Campground is a Passport America park and 50% off.

I also found out that we need to get almost all of our RXs renewed in the next few weeks, I knew most were due but its more than I thought.

After the shop closed we headed to Georgetown, AR.  I had never been there and its because its at the end of highway 36 at the White River.  We were headed there for River Caught Catfish, so much better than farm raised fish.  Much firmer and tastier.  We drove right past the Georgetown One stop.  We stopped and ask some kids where it was and they gave us directions.  Adding at the end it looks like an old shack.  Well the population here is 126 so we picked the place with a few cars in front of it.  Sure enough this was it.


There was actually a sign when you got close.


It was nice in side Costco tables and chairs.  We ordered the small catfish plates and the taste did not disappoint, it was worth the drive.  I met have been shaking with excitement as my picture is blurry.


We decided the car was pretty dirty so we found a car wash and ran the car through it.  They had free vacuums so we even cleaned the inside.


My new hot spot was delivered in North Little Rock today so we will try to make a trip in there and pick it up on Saturday.  Wow lots got done today, tomorrow we move on.


We took our time getting ready this morning and then said goodby to the good folks at RV Fog Dr.  We only had about 3 miles to go to get to Whitney Lane RV Park.  I called ahead as the owner had requested and he told me to pull into Site 3 which has a little bit of shade.  But we did notice a sewer smell with the drivers side windows open.  But all in all it is a good place.


After lunch I met Julian the owner over at the office and settled up with him for 5 nights.  Then about 3:30 I could not keep my eyes open so I took an hour nap.

Bonnie got a pork roast, carrots and potatoes ready to go in the instant pot and I left to go to Walmart to pick up an RX for Bonnie.  While I was out I gassed up the CRV and picked up some flowers for Bonnie.


The roast was good and we relaxed after supper.  Now I need to get the dishes done and count out some pills for the next 4 weeks.


Another lazy morning and then we headed toward North Little Rock to pick up my new hot spot.  Traffic was crazy and very backed up.  Searcy is a small town but has plenty of shopping.  Everyone from the whole surrounding area must have been coming into town today to shop.  We finally made it to the highway and headed toward Cabot.  Our first stop was going to be at Holland Bottom Farm for some strawberries.  When you mention strawberries around this part of the country everyone recommends Holland Bottom.  We got off at the Cabot exit, lots of traffic here also.  The farm stand was only a couple miles and easy to spot as there were a lot of cars there also.  We pulled in and Bonnie got in the long line.  Seems they were out of strawberries but expecting some soon.  Bonnie chatted with an elderly man in line, seems he made medical mattresses for hospitals and they knew some of the same Doctors from when she worked here.  Well a pickup pulled in with buckets of strawberries and they were soon sold.  Bonnie was now a lot closer.  About 10 minutes later the truck was back with another load.  This time she made it and got two flats.  We loaded up and headed for Jerry and Barbara’s.

Barbara was home and we picked up my hot spot and visited for a while.  We met one of their grandsons and soon Jerry was home.  They had a busy morning with a soccer game and a baseball game.  Soon they had to leave for a birthday party.  So we said our goodbyes in case we don’t get back into town before we leave.

Then we headed for a CVS in Sherwood to pick up some vitamins and other essentials on the way back to Kensett.  We went the back way and noticed all the new stores and businesses since we lived here.

Back at the coach Bonnie got busy on the strawberries.


They are nice and big, sweet, and juicy.  Bonnie made a strawberry dessert and froze some for later.  They we had left over pork and green beans for supper.  Then we had a nice FaceTime chat with our daughter and granddaughter.  We also got to talk to Dana and Kaylee.  A while later we had the dessert and boy was it good.  There is even plenty for tomorrow.  Bonnie read and I caught up on some TV shows that we have been missing.  Thats about it for today.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers I know.  Bonnie just wanted to sleep in this morning and she did most of the morning.  Then she got up and opened the card I got her.


After that she had breakfast and we watched the livestream from my sisters church in Valley Forge, PA. For mothers day they had the parade of 3 year olds.  Well it so happens that two of our grand-nieces are 3, so we got to see them parade up to the platform in church.  Then after that my nephew and his wife dedicated their son and we got to see that also.  Then the sermon on Forgiveness was really good.

The rest of the day we just took it easy and I even got a nice long nap.  Bonnie decided that Greek food for supper sounded good followed by strawberry shortcake.

So I found the Greek House online and Yelp gave it 4.5 stars.  So we headed over there for dinner.  Bonnie had the Gyro with sweet potato fries and I had the Gyro platter with hand cut french fries.




She said it was the best Gyro she has had since we lived in Chicago.

Then we looked for a UPS store to drop off the return of my hot spot.  Found the store but no dropbox.  So I looked up the location for a dropbox using the UPS app and we found that and dropped it off, luckily it was on the way back.

Back at the coach Bonnie made the shortcake and cut up the strawberries.  Both were very good and an excellent way to top off the day.  Now we are ready to watch the last show of The Good Wife.

We have had an other good week, Thanks For Checking In!